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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author BerserkerNW

As the Winchester men are settling in together after the events of “Dead Man’s Blood”, Sam comes across a piece of paper in John’s weapons cache. The discovery leads to the revelation of some of John’s secrets.
Stories [2] • Updated [6 Feb 07]
They say that once you leave home you can never go back, that it's never the same. That may be true, but sometimes, you go home and it's better than when you left.
Stories [2] • Updated [5 Feb 11]
In the year 2051, the world as Buffy and her friends know it ends. They manage to escape into another reality, but there are some changes.
Stories [4] • Updated [31 Oct 11]
Mary Winchester died 2 November 1983. Eight years earlier her spirit is reborn as Buffy Summers. After her third death, Buffy remembers her life as Mary and wants her boys back.
Stories [5] • Updated [4 Jan 09]