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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author amusewithaview

What happens when my Buffy-plot-bunnies stage an escape.
Stories [9] • Updated [15 Feb 10]
Lots of amazing things happened during seven seasons of BtVS and five of AtS... But what about all the stuff that never and COULDN'T happen due to stupid things like marketing rights?
Stories [10] • Updated [11 Oct 10]
Where we put the 'missile' in miscellaneous.
Stories [7] • Updated [30 Jul 08]
Buffy dies, the Scoobies forget, Dawn wanders... but is she still Dawn?
Stories [2] • Updated [10 Oct 10]
Collections of ficlets connected only by the animals they have in common.
Stories [2] • Updated [26 Jul 08]