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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author charmingangel

When a fugitive meets an FBI agent...
Stories [2] • Updated [30 May 11]
After an attack on the SGC the Stargate Program finds out about the supernatural and a secret plan of an old enemy who is set on taking over the Earth. Greatly weakened in numbers the SGP begins to recruit while starting to hunt down their enemy.
Stories [4] • Updated [28 Dec 12]
The Doctor finds a way to travel to other realities (fandoms) and picks up some new companions on the way.
Stories [3] • Updated [25 Jul 12]
When Castiel tries to open purgatory something goes terribly wrong. Realities start to collide and bleed into each other. People from different worlds have to start working together to try and save their worlds.
Stories [2] • Updated [12 Jul 13]