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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Literature • 1038 stories • Updated 22 Sep

The mini-biography found on the dust jacket of Sir Terry Pratchett's novels states "Occasionally he gets accused of literature." See if any of our fanfiction authors here at Twisting the Hellmouth are guilty of the same crime as the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer invades some of the all-time literary classics in our literature crossovers collection. From children's fables to space opera sci-fi, historic romances to comic fantasy, there is something here to suit everyone's tastes.

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Action [47, 21 May]
Childrens/Teen [138, new21 Sep]
Chronicles of Narnia [34, 14 May]
Classics [55, new22 Sep]
Crime [81, 17 Aug]
Dark Hunter Series [19, Jan 13]
Dresden Files, The [53, new12 Sep]
Fantasy [148, new22 Sep]
Horror [39, 13 Aug]
L.J. Smith [55, 5 Sep]
Merry Gentry series [29, May 13]
Other [43, 10 Jun]
Poetry [5, Nov 13]
Religious [9, Mar 12]
Romance [6, new18 Sep]
Sci-Fi [96, 11 Aug]
Sir Terry Pratchett [61, 6 Aug]
Southern Vampire Mysteries [63, Oct 13]
Stephanie Plum [21, Sep 13]
Vampire/Supernatural [54, 5 Aug]
CategoriesAll StoriesChallenges