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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Dr. Who/Torchwood • 590 stories • Updated 19 Apr

“Hi Everybody, I’m Doctor—” Well, you’ve got to admit, he would make an interesting number twelve. While we wait for that to happen, see how Doctors one to eleven cope with a world of slayers and vampires as the TARDIS lands in Sunnydale, how Buffy and the gang fare when faced with Daleks and Cybermen in another time and place, or how whether Torchwood and the Watchers Council are able to cooperate to defeat threats both extra and sub-terrestrial

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Angel-Centered [6, Apr 12]
Buffy-Centered [176, new16 Apr]
Cordelia-Centered [6, Sep 11]
Dawn-Centered [60, 31 Mar]
Drusilla-Centered [10, 14 Mar]
Faith-Centered [13, 25 Jun]
Fred/Illyria-Centered [9, Nov 09]
General [86, 17 Mar]
Giles-Centered [9, Feb 13]
Non-BtVS/Ats Stories [105, 22 Jan]
Other BtVS/Ats Characters [32, new19 Apr]
Oz-Centered [2, May 09]
Spike-Centered [14, Jun 11]
Tara-Centered [4, Aug 12]
Wesley-Centered [1, Jan 09]
Willow-Centered [13, 25 Dec]
Xander-Centered [46, new15 Apr]
CategoriesAll StoriesChallenges