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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Games • 502 stories • Updated 31 Jul

Computer games, role-playing games, and even classic board games: all of our gaming-related crossover stories can be found within this section.

The stories are categorized by the setting of the game world rather than the medium on which the game is played, or the style of game play.

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Comic/Superhero [17, 25 May]
Crime [4, Oct 08]
Dungeons and Dragons [79, new21 Jul]
Fantasy [93, new28 Jul]
Horror [104, new31 Jul]
Japanese Fantasy [58, 9 Feb]
Martial Arts [7, Dec 11]
Other Genre [56, 25 May]
Sci-Fi [89, new30 Jul]
War [9, 23 Feb]
CategoriesAll StoriesChallenges