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If you think Buffy and Faith can leap a long distances, they have nothing on the characters in your typical anime. Join your favorite slayers, scoobies and vampires as they travel through strange worlds meeting superheroes with all manner of unusual powers in our collection of Anime crossover stories.

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Wolfram and Hart decide to help Kayaba Akihiko the creator of Sword Art online as it is a way of keeping the various heroes of the world contained without moving them across dimensions or killing them. This way there is no chance for higher beings to simply move the power or whatever on to the next person. They acquired nerve gear and copies of the game and distributed them to various people that were proving to be trouble or were destined to be. Thus cutting them out of the equation before they became a threat. It would also create a vacuum of power for the side of the light. Choose whatever ...
Anime • texaswookie • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Oct 14]
Xander dresses up as Roy Mustang from one of his favorite Anime for Halloween. After the spell wears off he notices that he still has all the memories and skills of Roy.

He keeps the alchemy skills and gains a calmer and more analytical personality.

After continued use of the gloves he needs to make more, other than his flame abilities he only gains a medium level abilities in all other alchemy.

He also gains an advanced knowledge of his Martial arts and fighting style, as well as a much more toned and athletic body.

He has no muscle memory so he needs ...
Anime > Fullmetal Alchemist • DanteElGabriel • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Oct 14]
Xander gets stuck in American server of Sword Art Online.

I would like to see a true SAO break down with Xander (In his own Xander way) in a Kirito fashion.

From World "World of Swords" events to the "Return". (Just true Aincrad storyline. NO MAGIC!!!)

1- Dedication- As SAO only did 75 floors and only did it in 12-13 episodes. I would like to see a complete breakdown for each floor with multiple chapters if necessary.
2- Involve others from BTVS if necessary (3 Max). However do not allow Willow, Tara, or Jenny/Janna to be trapped in game with them....
Anime • SadJack • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 Oct 14]
This should be a Halloween story. One or more of our heroes ends up dressed as a character from Hetalia. After Halloween is over they maintain the memories of said nation. Living through centuries of conflict has left the nations kind of odd. This should rub off. How will being an expert in military strategy and political battles change our characters?

Things I would really like to see.
Sudden fluency in the language/s of their nation.
Magic. (If part of the magic trio.)
Sudden culinary ability. (or a lack of in the case of England)
Angelus getting told that he is a c...
Anime • Ceridawn • Responses [0] • Date Added [9 Oct 14]
Xander decides to dress up as Kurama from YYH for Halloween, instead of a soldier. He does a rather convincing job of it, too. The spell happens, and he gets stuck with not only the memories, but the powers over plants. (Whether or not he becomes a fox demon is up to you.)

As it turns out, the people who created YYH knew all about hellmouths and demons and what-have-you, and a lot of Makai demons are based on actual demons. Not all of them, mind. Youko, Koorime, Mazoku...those don't actually exist. But others do. So, suddenly Xander is smart, has demon-knowledge, can control plants an...
Anime > YuYu Hakusho • HikaruKosuzaku • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Sep 14]
BtVS/Kokoro Connect.

Easier to do as a YAHF, but doesn´t absolutely have to be.

While getting costumes, one of the "gang" finds some pretty little trinket s/he likes and gets one for each of them ( in my case i´m using a stageprop ). The trinket however links them as the primary characters of the story of Kokoro Connect, stuck with the first effect, as the creator of the effect doesn´t exist.

It may or may not cause anything noticeable to happen during the spell, but a few days afterwards, when they think it is over, the troubles begin.

Just as they are...
Anime > Multiple Anime • Spica • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Sep 14]
Soul Eater Xover

Buffy discovers she's not quite from the universe she thought, while in the midst of battling the First. Finding the Slayer Scythe was one thing; it was quite another to suddenly feel a rush of something when she picked it up, and then promptly do something she's never been capable of before.

Turn her entire body into a weapon, specifically a nearly identical Slayer Scythe.

Buffy was originally born in Death City in another world, but the Powers needed her to become the Slayer and protect Sunnydale, and when she was stolen from her home, her weapon ...
Anime > Other • (Recent Donor)BuffyCharmed • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Sep 14]
the the phantom troupe reborn
up for adoption
ok even tho i was thinking of a naruto raised with/by the phantom troupe when i wrote this.
starts just after the kyuubi attack
this is an open hunter x hunter crossover hint's of xxxholic meaning you can use Anime/manga+ other than naruto
i own nothing.

when chrollo lost his nen he went in search of someone who could unseal it and find's Yuko the time space witch who tells him that do to the strength of the binding on his nen it would kill him the normal way so for a price she would se...
Anime > Other • animefangirl • Responses [0] • Date Added [20 Aug 14]
Attack on Titan crossover

Somehow, some way, Buffy Summers and Levi become a power couple!

Think about it! Two short, incredibly skilled fighters with a gift for sarcasm who will probably kick your ass if you mention their height. Heck, if you go with post-show Buffy, she's also been training a bunch of teenagers to fight evil. She knows his pain (double, since all the mini Slayers are girls).

Perhaps she lands in the Titan world after falling through Glory's portal. Maybe when she ran away after killing Angel one of those doorways led her to the Underground. Or the ...
Anime • (Recent Donor)BuffyCharmed • Responses [0] • Date Added [25 Jul 14]
Attack on Titan crossover

All things considered, dying might have been a preferable outcome to falling through Glory's portal. That's what Buffy thinks as she finds herself in the middle of nowhere, on possibly another world or universe, facing rapidly approaching giants that seem way too interested in her demise.

Then she somehow turns into one of the aforementioned giants, demolishes the creepy, gargantuan loons, and still, after everything, ends up with Whistler and a tight lipped explanation about some weird, important walls, helping some Boy Scouts, and saving human...
Anime > Other • (Recent Donor)BuffyCharmed • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Jul 14]
YAHF: Xander Ends up gaining game like powers (Like the manga The Gamer.) that mean's Stats, Inventory, Skill's, Hp, Mp, Tittles, the ability too learn anything (Cooking, engineering, Jutsu, spells, techniques, powers, Ect.) And Shop (Where you can buy anything and I mean Anything (Powers, Ability's, Bloodlines, Books, Houses, Space Ships, Countries, Planet's, Slaves, ect.) throughout the multiverse.).
Anime > Other • GodofChaos • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Jun 14]
"Madoka magica" challenge!

After many unsuccessful attempts, to save Madoka Kaname, from dying at the hands of Walpurgis, Homura Akemi decided that she needs a help. Her soul gem detected release of large amount of dark, magical energy, at Sunnydale, US. She decided to traveled to USA, and obtain source of this magical power. It turns out that it was Willow who wanted to destroy the world, at the end of season 6 of "Buffy". Homura learns that Willow temporary lost her mind, after Tara got shot - now, there is a connection between both girls; they both lost loved one.

You mu...
Anime • EarlGrey • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 May 14]
A Halloween challenge. As the title suggest, instead of going as a soldier that night, Xander instead chose to dress up as Jotaro Kujou - the protagonist of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 3rd part Stardust Crusaders. How would the power of Stands fare in the world of Buffy?

- No Male/Male pairings. The rest are up to you to decide.
- Xander will not be a carbon copy of Jotaro. Instead, he will gain some of Jotaro's quirk. Which quirk (or quirks) is that depends on your decision.
- Must include a few ORAORAORAORAORAORA scenes.
Anime > Other • LTU • Responses [0] • Date Added [5 May 14]
did you ever wonder what duo Maxwell would be like if he had powers? then i remembered the Anime shonen onmyouji & thought this could work.


Duo is a descendant of Masahiro & inherited his powers & his shikigami. I wonder how much trouble OZ and the other g-boys are in for now? o.0

pairings 1x2 3x4 5x?

multi-chapter plz
Anime > Gundam Wing • animefangirl • Responses [0] • Date Added [1 Apr 14]
i know this is a Gundam wing category but this is a Gundam fic it's just a Gundam 00 fic

what if xander dressed as Hallelujah/Allelujah for Halloween and ended up with more than just one solder in his head what if he had two both Hallelujah & Allelujah stuck around.
what if the Gundam Meister's were real but just in another galaxy and Hallelujah/Allelujah
weren't just Halloween copy's there was a telepathic link to each other and they helped
xander any way they can even to hijack the celestial being to help xander to safely close the hellmouth.

Buffy &...
Anime > Gundam Wing • animefangirl • Responses [0] • Date Added [1 Apr 14]
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