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Firefly • 351 stories • Updated 5 Dec

So, in a fight between a vampire and a reaver, who's going to win? Is mystical demon essence or brain surgery the best way to enhance unsuspecting teenage girls? Would Xander be able to resist pointing out that Jayne is a girls' name? Two of the worlds of Joss Whedon collide in our collection of Buffy / Firefly crossover stories. See what slayers that were from Earth that was make of frontier like of the final kind, or what happens when Serenity finds its way back to the past.

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Buffy was a little girl when she saw her first ship. It was then and there that she decided to become a captain of her own ship. Along with her sisters, Faith and Dawn, she gathers a crew and they travel around space. Just, watch out for Revers.
Buffy is a captain. Xander is a pilot. Willow and Tara are engineers. Angel and Connor are passengers. Wesley is a doctor. Giles is a badass librarian. I had Gunn, Gunn's sister, Cordelia, Fred, Dawn, and Connor as kids. Connor and Cordelia are Angel's kids, Gunn and his sister were adopted by Giles, and Fred is Wesley's daughter. Faith is basical...
Firefly > General • Mars • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Sep 14]
Instead of Cordelia wishing that Buffy never came to Sunnydale, have her wish for peace of mind or something after her breakup with Xander.

Anyanka normally wouldn't take a wish like that, but have D'Hoffryn contact her through her amulet and tell her to grant the wish. She grudgingly does so.

As a result, instead of peace of mind, what actually happens is Serenity crashes nearby.

Do what you like from there.

Things I'd like to see:
Giles being dumbstruck by Inara
Buffy beating up Jayne
Sunnydale syndrome meaning...
Firefly > Cordelia-Centered • Tir • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Aug 13]
We have loved running cross-Joss in the past. It's fun.

The Firefly setting has more potential than that, however.

I considered, at first, the idea of Dollhouse as it would have been handled in that setting, but realised that that is the explanation for things like the Operatives and River Tam.

Then, given just how the Alliance was acting, another crossover came to mind.

Imagine this: An Alliance "blue-hands" funded project, trying to create better Operatives, induces amnesia in a recruit before alternating between Operative training and sessions in a techno...
Firefly • CrystalBlaze • Responses [0] • Date Added [6 Feb 13]
I would like to see a Fic where Xander is Reincarnated as Wash,I would like to see how the series ends up with him slowly remembering Xander's life
all I ask is no slash
Firefly > Xander-Centered • phnxfyr • Responses [0] • Date Added [16 Dec 11] • Date Updated [12 Jun 14]
When Buffy dies she doesn’t go to heaven but through time. She buys a trip on Serenity at the same time as Simon and River. Its up to the author how long Buffy has been in the future.

Must have:
Buffy/Kaylee pairing
FR18 or 21
Buffy staying with the crew because of Kaylee and eventually helping them
Buffy explaining her past only to Kaylee

Must not have:
Buffy healing River in any way
The Scoobies pulling Buffy back to her own time

Anything else is up to the author
Firefly > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Kaylee • bwriter • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Oct 11]
Dawn dresses to impress Xander that fateful Halloween night. Tagging along with her sister to the costume shop, Dawn is quickly forgotten for (in Dawn's opinion) a monstrosity of epic poofy proportions. Browsing the aisles by herself she finds the perfect costume.

In the mind of young Dawn, Xander must only like Buffy because she's strong, a hero, right? So what better costume to finally catch his attention than a powerful girl from the future?

Sadly, the costume information card said nothing about the state of River Tam's mind or the horrors she has witnessed.

Firefly > Dawn-Centered • (Past Donor)MistressAshley • Responses [1] • Date Added [13 Jul 11]
This challenge is a crossover between Buffy and Firefly.


1) Just imagine the whole Buffy universe being relocated to the Firefly universe minus the vampires.

2) Buffy, Xander, Willow, Dawn, and Giles are amongst a handful of survivors when their planet is attacked and essentially destroyed by Reavers.

3) Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Dawn all spent time at the "Academy" where horrible things were done to them. Hence Buffy's increased strength, healing, and speed.

4) Giles, like Simon, was the one to free his young charges.

5) B...
Firefly > Buffy-Centered • jessie • Responses [1] • Date Added [8 Mar 11]
Someone - anyone, but bonus if its Andrew - is a spirit possessing a spaceship.
Firefly • ElvenBookwyrm • Responses [1] • Date Added [8 Dec 10]
The Premise:
Xander, a crew member on Serenity (Firefly/Serenity), was working outside the ship when something blew a hole in his spacesuit. It was a death sentence, and everyone knew it. There was no way he could get back inside the ship, in time. But somehow, he survived without so much as a headache.

The Rules:

Note: The list isn't exactly small, nor is it overwhelmingly large, but the rules are not that hard to follow or so specific as to demand the story follow a single path. It primarily gives some direction for the start, then leaves the rest up for grabs....
Firefly > Xander-Centered • MrMysterious • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Mar 10]
The title almost speaks for it self.

I want scenario's where pre-series (may even pre-Inara) where Mal gets desperate for some physical contact & Jayne hooks him up with some one.

I don't care who whether its William the Bloody, Methos, the reincarnated Nathan Stark, or even Jayne himself. Three or moresomes would be cool.
Points If I don't recognize the fandom.

No OC's please. I want to see how people explain how that particular character got to be in contact with Jayne & how they came to be in Firefly verse.
Firefly • tonisimone • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Jan 10]
It's a simple challenge. Faith. Jayne. Vegas.

How you get them there and whatever hijinks ensue are up to you. Any length, from drabble on upwards, but I'd love to see a little bit of character exploration going on :)

+ A Heist Gone Wrong
+ Hedonism
+ Drinking Games
+ A Casino Getting Trashed

+ Fluffy Romance. Bleh.
+ Drunken Accidental Marriage. Too easy. O_o

fluffymuskateer x
Firefly • (Recent Donor)fluffymuskateer • Responses [1] • Date Added [4 Aug 09]
I have an idea for a BtVS/Firefly crossover. I'd write it, but I've never actually watched that show or seen the movie. So I've decided to post it as a challenge instead. It's open for any and all takers.

Here are the requirements...

The Firefly info...

1. The Miranda thing has all ready been uncovered
2. The Alliance is no longer actively harrassing the Tams
3. River is a Slayer
4. The Watcher's Council was one of the founding groups that became The Alliance, the others being the US & China

The BtVS info...

1. The Awakening spell bo...
Firefly • KWJordan • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Jul 09] • Date Updated [31 Jul 09]
Due to either a wish or a spell, Captain Malcolm Reynolds is mind-swapped with Caleb in BtVS Season 7. Because his past hasn't happened yet, the First can't appear to him as anyone meaningful... and he gives her the finger (literally or not, your call). His only hope for getting back is the Scoobies, but he's going to have a Hellmouth of a time gaining their trust.

Romantic pairings: author's choice, but I really don't like Willow/Mal
Rating: anything suits
Categories: action/adventure makes sense, with some drama and/or romance along the way. dark? possibly...
Length: wo...
Firefly • Rowaine • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Jul 09]
"And this was the prophecy:
That Three of the Greater Darkness,
Once Slain,
Would be Reborn.
Through Thirteen Mortal Lives,
Would be Reborn.
Through Five Hundred Years,
Would be Reborn.
The Servant of the First.
The Blessed Devourer.
The Child of the Wolf, Ram, and Heart.
In Darkness, yet not of Darkness.
Of Light, yet not in Light.
And when the Key was found,
Their Power would be restored.
And the Universe would tremble
At it's Core."

---> Fulfill the prophecy: Caleb, Jasmine, and Marcus Hamilton have been reborn...
Firefly • Hazgarn • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Mar 09]
An Angel/Firefly/Your Choice Crossover!

What could be a brief moment in one world could be infinite in another.


While coming back down to Earth, Cordelia can sense something trying to possess her. Not knowing the inter-dimensional highway that well, Cordelia makes the quickest detour she can. When she lands, it's on a spaceship in the year 2483. After trying to go back to no avail, Cordy meets a man in a similar predicament. They bond over the culture shock and despair, fall in love and conceive a child. A girl name Zoe. Zoe turns out to be a prophesied ch...
Firefly • Leoruby • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Dec 08]
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