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The mini-biography found on the dust jacket of Sir Terry Pratchett's novels states "Occasionally he gets accused of literature." See if any of our fanfiction authors here at Twisting the Hellmouth are guilty of the same crime as the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer invades some of the all-time literary classics in our literature crossovers collection. From children's fables to space opera sci-fi, historic romances to comic fantasy, there is something here to suit everyone's tastes.

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After the battle with the first and senior partner. Buffy, Spike and Angel are the only ones that lived. They decide to go to Mystic Falls and start a new life.

Buffy/Enzo or Damon
No more curse soul for Angel.
Spike having the gem.
An immoral or vampire Buffy.

Rest up to you.
Literature > L.J. Smith >  • SLAYERSWORLD • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Oct 14]
I'd like to see one of the following characters get a job at Cutting Edge:


Curran and Kate must stay together.
Andrea and Raphael must stay together

BtVS characters can be adults, but if they are teens they must attend school with Julie.
Optionally, Buffy can be Julie's new school counselor.

If Buffy is in your story, she and Kate must have at least one spar with the sword.

Why I'm making this challenge:

I think Ilona Andrew's world has a lot of awesome possibilities to combine with B...
Literature > Fantasy • AriaDragoncrest • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Sep 14]
Any BtVS characters start staying at Gertrude Hunt. There's a lot of material to work with. Maybe Willow can do a locator spell for Dina at the end.
Literature > Fantasy • AriaDragoncrest • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Sep 14]
Xander picks as his costume for
the one and only Anomander Rake
from the Malazan Book Of The Fallen.

1. Promptly slaughters Spike & Drusilla who make the grave mistake
of taunting him.
2. The next day finds himself white-haired and partially driven crazy by the power,
isolating him from the others.
3. Becomes Sunnydale's solitary protector, hunting down any potential
challenges, including the Mayor and any and all Master Vampires (Dracula).
4. Normally I'm a big FXer. however given Xander's enhancements
and state of mind, he has no interest...
Literature > Fantasy • (Current Donor)KColl • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Sep 14]
Halloween is "Come As You Aren't" night. What happens when goofy, lovable Xander dresses as the terrifyingly competent (or just terrifying) Lord Vetinari? Willow is a budding witch. Would Esmerelda Weatherwax, who specializes in knowing when not to use magic, have any influence on some of Willow's later choices? Sergeant Angua left her noble family to join the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. How would Buffy react to Angel when she can barely stand his vampire reek?

Of course, there are other characters, too--Giles as Rincewind would absolutely refuse to go anywhere near Ethan. (And the...
Literature > Sir Terry Pratchett • raindroproses • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Aug 14]
Buffy is in Heaven, this is after she has given her life to stop her town from going into a state of Hell Dimension, and she meets a certain Don Diego (Zorro), during some break time, they get into a discussion, in which she informs him of the fact that her home town's mayor was a wizard- of the worst sort: a sorcerer, but nobody knew it until the end of the man's life.
The common reference between them is the fact that Both of them are from southern California and Both of their "Alcaldaes" were villains.
This would be a friendship fic challenge.
Recommended length: 8-10 chapters, ...
Literature > Action > Zorro • Vorchan • Responses [0] • Date Added [4 Aug 14]
I haven't seen a group for Mortal Instruments yet, since the Fandom are so close I thought this would be a given.
just finished the last book in the series and got to say I'm hooked
Number one. the vampires from Mortal Instruments are a different breed. so no staking of Simon. though a confrontation to introduce them could work.

Number two. Cross fandom romances are encouraged but not necessary

Number three. this can take place at any institute in any city, in other words you don't have to limit yourselves to the New York institute, it can be the Ne...
Literature > Other • (Past Donor)Skyefather • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Aug 14]
YAHF. Xander chooses a plastic sword at Ethan's when the last gun is sold out early. Instead he buys a copy of Stormbringer, the Hellsword of Elric of Melnibone. As such, he becomes Elric for one night. At the end of the night he reverts to just being Xander. However, the next time he faces off against a demon the Chaos sword, Stormbringer, dives screaming from a clear sky into his hand and allows him to suck out the soul and energy of the demon.
Literature > Fantasy • misterwhy • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Jul 14]
What if two far-distant universes just happened to have swapped main characters?

What would the lives of the Scoobies (or the secondary scoobies, or the Fang Gang) look like if they'd lived in Brockton Bay?

What would the lives of the Undersiders (or the Travelers, or the Wards) look like if they'd lived in Sunnydale?

Imagine how much of a different turn events would take, and run with it.

- This can be just the core group of your choice, or you can expand to include as many additional characters in the swap as you like.
- You must only swap ...
Literature > Sci-Fi • Ephemeral • Responses [1] • Date Added [16 May 14]
Xander dresses as the Wizard Rincewind for Halloween, with everything that entails (EXCEPT the ability to use only one spell).

He must use a half brick 'ina sock at one point during the evening, to knock out either Angel, Spike or both.

He must remember everything that Rincewind knew about magic and science after the night ends. Remember, it's Canon that Rincewind was a Nuclear Physicist in "our" world during "The Colour of Magic", so he's pretty damn smart.

He must become a fledgling Chaos mage after what he learns about Ethan from Giles inspires him to do so. Jan...
Literature > Sir Terry Pratchett • Aximand • Responses [0] • Date Added [3 Apr 14]
At some point (preferably before she becomes super powerful), Willow finds her way to Narnia during The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
must include
A battle with the White Witch
Some kind of romance between Willow and Lucy
Other than that

it's up to you
Literature > Chronicles of Narnia • CornishPhilosopher • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Jan 14]
Exchange programs with Sunnydale are pretty much guaranteed to go wrong. Visitors to the town almost invariably come to a stick end... but what if amongst the latest group of exchange students from Hong Kong was a young lady who is renowned in the east as one of the greatest demon-killers in earthly or celestial planes?

The challenge is to write a story featuring Simone Chen of Kylie Chan's "Dark Heavens" and "Journey to Wudang" trilogies, set during the time her father was lost. Because of the scenario, some Dark Heavens characters wouldn't be appropriate to join her, but at the same...
Literature > Action • RayVennHakubi • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Jan 14]
In the Hunger Games there are twelve districts being 'Punished' with the annual Hunger Games. Two of the districts worked out a way to game the system. The first and second districts formed Academies within which kids are taught all the skills you might need inside the Arena. This challenge is based on the idea of the other districts getting the same idea and creating Academies of their own. As long as the kids do as planned, the system doesn't fall apart.

The challenge is simple, pick a crossover of your choosing, take a main character (or two if you want them to occupy more than one...
Literature • Selonianth • Responses [0] • Date Added [3 Jan 14]
This was inspired by a color drawing I saw on the internet. It showed the Blue Fairy and Pinocchio. However, the Blue Fairy with blonde hair was wearing a very short blue skirt (shorter than Sailormoon), a blue top that came just below her breasts (her midriff is bare and very toned) and deeply cut (to show off her ample cleavage) with white caps at the shoulder straps, white thigh high stockings, white gloves, and black choker. Shoes are not shown but they'd be blue as well and high heeled. She's also holding a sword in an aggressive posture as she turns toward the being behind her. Behi...
Literature > Other • cmdruhura • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Nov 13]
The Gallagher girls are getting a guest teacher for P&E (protection and enforcement). I want Buffy to be an old friend of Solomons and she will be filling in while the usual teacher (Ms. Hancock) is out. Buffy may teach them any "special skill" like crossbows, knife throwing, being aware of ones surroundings, etc. One shot or multi fic, preferably just Buffy from BtSV world.
Literature > Childrens/Teen > Gallagher Girls • pikpocket • Responses [0] • Date Added [17 Sep 13] • Date Updated [13 Oct 14]
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