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Popcorn at the ready for an alternate take on the phrase "double feature" as the cast of Buffy and Angel go to the movies in our collection of big screen crossover stories.

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YAHF, Xander x Faith pairing. In a world where the events of BTVS begin years later Xander dresses as Harold or Kumar from the Harold and Kumar movies, that night in the same vein as the movies Xander undergoes a night of utter and complete insanity, culminating in him gaining confidence and motivation.
Movies > Harold and Kumar • ffffoxxxx • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Dec 14]
One of the scoobies becomes a part of the losers family. Through blood relation or romantic involvement it doesnt matter. Take your own creative licence. There is just not enough of this fandom.
Movies > Losers, The • LittleOne • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Nov 14]
Not sure why I thought of this, as I'm not generally an big reader of Oz-centered stories. But I thought it would be neat to cross with the Wizard of Oz, and have Oz actually become the Wizard himself. So here's my challenge:

1. Somehow, Oz is transported to the land of Oz, where he becomes the Wizard. How would this affect the stories?

2. This can follow any of the Oz stories/movies, whether the "The Wizard of Oz", the newer "Oz the Great and Powerful" or even Motown's "The Wiz." Or you can write an original plot within the land of Oz, so long as it stays true to the tone of...
Movies > Wizard of Oz, The • FireFlash • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Nov 14]
How many crossovers with Fast and Furious have Buffy suddenly an amazing driver and racer? I'd like to see something where Buffy still can't drive decently to save her life. Buffy knows one of the gang (went to Hemery with Mia or Dom, met Han and Giselle through the Japanese Council House, somehow related to Brian, etc) and is introduced to the rest. They find out she can't drive and they try to teach her with disastrous results.

Post-"Chosen" and "NFA" for Buffy/Angel; season 8 can be considered, used or ignored
Any point in the FF timeline, so long as Brian and the Toretto crew ...
Movies > Fast and the Furious, The • BerserkerNW • Responses [0] • Date Added [1 Oct 14]
It's been shown on several occasions that Xander has a dark side and can be vicious and cruel in word if not deed. So when Xander dressed as the Shadow for Halloween after seeing the movie (and wanting to be the tall, dark, mysterious stranger for once) he unlocks his own dark heart. Plagued by nightmares of evil done by a figure wearing his face and bouts of uncontrollable rage, Xander must seek help from Giles and use the teachings of the Tulku ingrained in his memories to master his black shadow and use it to fight evil on the hellmouth.

The Rules:

1) Xander does not get h...
Movies > Shadow, The • roninx • Responses [0] • Date Added [30 Aug 14]
In conception this is simply a small variant of ShayneT’s excellent story were he has Smallville’s Clack Kent take on Glory, but the end result should be something VERY different.

This would be set AFTER the Hancock movie and at the point where the Scoobies and Buffy have their backs completely against the wall in their fight against Glory.

So at this low point, Xander suddenly perks up and points out that a super strong, superfast, essentially invulnerable superhero is operating openly in New York and considering that the fate of the entire plant is in the balance they...
Movies > Hancock • (Current Donor)DeMonic • Responses [0] • Date Added [2 Aug 14]
So basically this would just be a rewrite of PD in the Buffyverse. How would Xander handle his nightlife while preparing to be a prince? Would his Grandmother know about vampires?

MUST HAVE: Family Feels
Movies > Princess Diaries • Joseph • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Jul 14]
This is a Halloween costume challenge that had Xander go as someone other than a solider.

Must have

*The BuffyVerse is set in the Marvel Movie Universe using Iron Man I; Incredible Hulk; Cap I and Amazing Spider-Man as cannon.

*Thor movie look is fine but MUST have pure magic vibe.

*Buffy; Cordy and Willow's costumes remain the same..but others such as Jon; Andrew or any Cordette could have Ethan bought outfits.

*Xander picking to go as Kraven the Hunter. He will retain Kraven's memory and skills after the spell wears off.

*Xander uses h...
Movies > Multiple Movies • shazamo • Responses [0] • Date Added [13 Jul 14]
This challenge is intended for Bunraku (2010), which currently is not available as a category under movies. Any length story, but longer is better.


Willow, Buffy, and Faith are alive years (a century or more) down the road, and new Slayers are still being Called. Many abide by the laws of the Council, of course. But, some Slayers would not and would be hunted by their traditional allies (the Council) and either hunted or employed by the various governments/criminal organizations.

For the purposes of this, at least Faith, Buffy and Willow are changed someh...
Movies > Other-Action • AnnaDruvez • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Jul 14]
Because Willow got it in her pretty head to cast a spell that would help defeat the Mayor when he turns into a monster for his assention- something goes wrong, and the Scoobies (with a certain Miss Lehane (Faith)) find themselves in a Real walk in the park: Jurassic Park 3!
Cut off on Esla Nublar and hunted by packs of Utah Raptors and Spino, not to mention the ever-present threat of beligerant herbavores and Tyrannosaurus Rex Packs, plus possible Nano-Tyrannus packs.
Needless to say: The Scoobies may well break out into a fight in this situation; most Scoobies are not going to be plea...
Movies > Jurassic Park • Vorchan • Responses [0] • Date Added [10 Mar 14]
After staking Jesse, Xander collected his ashes and kept them but was dissatisfied with the container he used until Halloween the next year when he found a nice replica of Genie's lamp in Ethan's shop. Placing the ashes into the lamp he then leaves for his escort not knowing that the free Genie was wandering around during the spell and when the spell ends Jesse is now a living free genie.
Movies > Aladdin • Muroshi • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Dec 13]
When the last toy gun is taken from the cheap bin Xander looks through it and decides on taking a green wooden mask not knowing its potential. When the mask activates upon being put on his face and the Halloween spell powered by Janus then activates empowering him even more he becomes an avatar of two gods of chaos and a primal hyena. Buffy on the other hand was unable to get the noble lady dress and instead chose a toga going as the goddess Eris. Finally Willow decided since Xander seems unable to see her as a girl and she finds herself attracted to girls somewhat anyway, she would go as t...
Movies > Mask, The • Muroshi • Responses [0] • Date Added [19 Oct 13] • Date Updated [21 Dec 13]
Plot Points:
-Xander buys a gun and a necklace at Ethan's. Turns into Michael Corvin and has all Michael's and Lucian's memories (From when Lucian bit him.), abilities, skills, and his body has become the hybrid Michael's was.
-Buffy buys a dark-brown hair wig and a black leather trench coat. Turns into Selene and has all of her and Sonja's memories (Selene was Sonja reincarnated.), abilities, skills, and has her body become the hybrid Selens's was.
-All the changes are permanent to both Buffy and Xander.
-Xander and Buffy become a couple.
-Recommended but not necessary: Cr...
Movies > Underworld • removedauthor • Responses [0] • Date Added [12 Oct 13]
Buffy/Godfather crossover.

A simple Halloween costume for either Buffy, Joyce or even Cordelia changes her outlook for she dressed up as Vito Corleone and after the spell breaks she knows her family is important and starts to take over Sunnydale,

The author can choose to go their way with this although I would like to see the following,

Snyder getting a visit from the family,
Willow and Xander becoming an Consigliere to the family,
Spike and Drusilla seeing what is happening and decide to form their own family with other members of the clan (angel being optio...
Movies > Godfather Series • carvell • Responses [0] • Date Added [28 Sep 13]
After reading about either actual old legends or some works of fiction of a breed of Vampires and Lycans that are not demonic in nature, two Sunnydale natives decide to dress as the sons of Corvinus. One bitten by bat, the other by wolf. One remaining sane and the other driven mad by the animal within.
Movies > Underworld • ChaosCarlos • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Sep 13] • Date Updated [9 Oct 13]
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