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Challenge Issuerjtkirk
Challenge NameSupernatural Chemistry
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionI watched the new show, Supernatural on Tuesday and have found a new favorite! It's very good in an X-files/Angel kind of way. In honor of that I'd like to issue a crossover challenge between BtVS and Supernatural. If you're unfamiliar with the show, check out the description on The WB's website.

Pairing: Willow/Dean (Played by Jensen Ackles)
BtVS timeline: A year or so after Chosen
Challenge Summary: Dean and Sam's search for their father leads them to Los Angeles, where rumors of the bloodsucking variety are running rampant. Willow and a group of slayers showed up in the final hour to help out the AI crew, or what was left of them.

Wolfram & Hart's building was destroyed, so Angel, Illyria, Gunn and Spike move back into the Hyperion. (Willow teleported Gunn to a hospital in the nick of time to save him, so he survived the battle).

After things settled down, the slayers left, and Willow, who broke up with Kennedy after finding her "practicing self-defense holds" with a new slayer recruit, moved into the hotel as well. Angel opens AI for business once again.

A new big bad is in town, named Caesar. He's an vampire from ancient Rome with a serious god complex, who happens to have intelligent minions he refers to as Generals.

The Supernatural brothers bump into AI during their own investigation and decide to team up. Some chemistry develops unexpectedly between Willow "Gay Now" Rosenberg and Dean "Attitude's My Middle Name" Winchester. He irritates her, and she annoys him, but disagreements lead to heated discussions, which lead to arguments, which lead to Dean "kissage".

While fighting each other, the two groups also try to take down Caesar and his Generals before they're able to recruit a city full of soldiers for their army.

Must haves:
Willow telling Sam his brother is "...the biggest, egotistical weiner I've ever met! And that including an giant mayor-snake and a hell goddess to boot!"
Willow and Dean in a heated makeout session on one of the lumpy couches in the hotel lobby after an even more heated argument.
Willow and Illyria trying to have a "girl talk".
Sam teasing Dean that "You could probably bench press her, but I get the feeling that Willow scares the living crap out of you...but in a good way."
Willow telling someone to "Let go of my vampires!"
Caesar has a toga fetish, and makes everyone wear them within his lair.
Spike invading the lair and stating "So that's where my sheets have been disappearing to."

If someone would write this, I would adore you for life!
Challenge Date15 Sep 05
Last Updated15 Sep 05

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