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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerDamia
Challenge NameRivers Destiny
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--

Basic Idea -
Serenity takes place in an alternate future for BtVS.
River is a Slayer. Slayers for the most part, are killed off while fighting Reevers anymore, and there aren't a whole lot of them to begin with. Watchers were wiped out once and for all.
The real reason people left earth was because 200 years after the first fought in Sunnydale, he came back and won. Humans scattered, taking technology with them. Demons can't handle space travel, which is why they never showed up anywhere else.
Because of Rivers intelligence, strength and her precog and reading abilities, she was taken by the government and used as a guinea pig to create a 'perfect soldier'.
Faith is out doing something when she's taken and informed that she is now a Champion of the PTB and needed elsewhere. She's dropped on the Serenity right before they find Haven a bloody mess.

Must have -
- At least 2 people witnessing Faith just appearing in mid-air and falling
- Jayne hitting on Faith
- River unable to read Faith unless Faith lets her
- Faith hitting on at least 3 crew members (not Kaylie or River)
- Faith and Inara doing yoga and at least 2 other crew members watching and/or commentating
- Faith and Simon disagreeing often (he thinks she's over simplifying matters, She thinks he's overprotecting River)
- Zoe and Faith practicing hand to hand combat
- Faith saving Wash before he gets impaled
- Random men being caught in or leaving Faiths room at every port call

Include at least 5 lines -
"sin might be bad, but it's still a lot of fun,"
"stupid mothers, go back to your neglected children and give them salvation,"
"sex booze and the good girl gone bad,"
"Insanity comes in many forms,"
"You have to figure out if you really want to be saved before you scream for help,"
"We all hide something, it's human nature,"
"Praise the lord and pass the ammunition"
"You're never to old to throw a temper tantrum,"
"Fucked up nightmares from fucked up memories,"
"Reputations are fickle friends,"
"You have 5 minutes to find a bed and get naked," (preferably Zoe to Wash)
Challenge Date24 Oct 05
Last Updated24 Oct 05

Challenge Responses

Faith is sent to guide River during the Miranda conflict. After the damage is done, how will the crew of Serenity handle having two slayers on board. Spoilers for Serenity movie
Only the author can add chapters to this story Firefly > Faith-Centered • (Past Donor)sevangel • FR18 • Chapters [24] • Words [111,641] • Recs [40] • Reviews [132] • Hits [131,869] • Published [31 Oct 05] • Updated [6 Aug 06] • Completed [Yes]