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Challenge Issuerjustaguy
Challenge NameFrom One Came Many ... Out of Many ... There Can Be Only One
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander

This is an idea that’s been floating in my head for a while. But I really can’t start another story. So let’s see what somebody else can do with it:


From one came many …

Out of many …

There can be only one

The Immortals were the first champions raised up to oppose the demons. But as they succeeded in driving the demons away they fell into conflict with each. The Game was born.

With the Immortals distracted from their true duties the Powers raised a new champion.

The Slayer.

For untold millennium the Immortals battled among themselves waiting for the time of the Gathering. Never knowing when it would come or the signal that the end of the Game had come.

During those same millennium the Slayer battled alone. Keeping the demons of the world at bay.

Then Buffy and the Scoobies called forth all the Potentials. Now there are literally hundreds of Slayers in the world. Hundreds of Champions.

The world is now out of balance. The calling of the Slayers triggers the Gathering.

The Immortals begin the final battle.



Methos knows about the supernatural and the Slayers – Optional how much other Immortals know about the supernatural world but most should have some clue (it makes no sense in the context of the Buffyverse for them not to).

Giles knows about Immortals and was assigned to watch one (Amanda would be a good choice) before being assigned to Sunnydale and Buffy.

Pairings – Canon for both shows


A Scooby becoming Immortal (but not Xander, that’s been done to death).

The nature of the Game and ‘the prize’
Challenge Date18 Nov 05
Last Updated16 Jan 10

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