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Challenge Issuer(Moderator)JoeHundredaire
Challenge NameThe "Suck Up to Flaming Joe So You Don't Get Smited" Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter
DescriptionI had the idea a bit ago, but since I prefer to stick to the Marvel-verse I figured I'd toss it out for someone else.

Universes: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter
Pairing: Dawn Summers/Nymphadora Tonks
Premise: Rather than automatically deciding that Dawn = Key = Super All-Powerful Magical Witch Girl, I thought it'd be cool if Dawn's glowing green ballness made her a metamorphmagus. This would probably be best set after S7, so that Dawn isn't a squickworthy age compared to Tonks. You don't have to give her any other magical powers if you don't want to, and I especially don't want to see a magical Mary Sue made out of Dawn. Also, I thought it'd be interesting if Dawn's powers were slightly different from Tonks' powers; for example, Tonks can do random changes easier than Dawn, but Dawn can manage impersonations better or vice versa.

Bonus Points For:
The Order and/or the Scoobies knowing about Dawn/Tonks as the other's boyfriend (ex. The Scoobies know Tonks, but as Kevin, Dawn's boyfriend).
They get discovered in their 'normal' forms in a compromising position.
Managing not to turn the whole damn story into a Magical Mushrooms of Gayness universe.
There being a reference to Magical Mushrooms of Gayness, which turn out to be a real plant.

PS: No actual smiting will occur to people who don't write this, just so I don't get people bitching about me abusing my powers.
Challenge Date28 Dec 05
Last Updated12 Jul 08

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