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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Moderator)jrabbit
Challenge NameNow that's what I call magic
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Las Vegas
DescriptionWillow, and zero or more scoobies of your choice go to stay at the Monticedo in Las Vegas, where she indulges in a little to much drink. However, rather than getting married (as seems to happen in any other fic involving Las Vegas and Alcohol) she goes to see a stage magician in a casino show, and let's just say she isn't that impressed with the levels of magic, so starts subtly (at first) helping out. This of course attracts the attention of security who have to deal with the outcome...


- Light hearted
- Set in seasons 4, 5 or pre-evil-willow 6
- Cannon Sunnydale history
- No one gets married (well before the last line anyway)


- Willow gets involved with one (or more - nudge,nudge,wink,wink,etc.) of the Las Vegas female cast
- A famous magician

Must not have:

- Bunnies*

*requirement may be ignored
Challenge Date13 Dec 05
Last Updated10 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

Proof that it is still possible to get drunk in Las Vegas and cause trouble without getting married.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Television > Las Vegas • (Moderator)jrabbit • FR15 • Chapters [1] • Words [2,616] • Recs [1] • Reviews [17] • Hits [3,124] • Published [14 Aug 06] • Updated [14 Aug 06] • Completed [Yes]