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Challenge IssuerAlphaBeta
Challenge NameRobots and Vampires
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionI am almost positive that this is the first of its kind here on this site! A Robotech Buffy crossover! Ever wander where the SDF-3 disappeared too at the end of the Robotech TV series? Well, here, it ended up in Earths orbit over the Buffiver’s earth. Use a combo of the TV series and RPG (they have all the plans for the next generation of mecha etc. on board, based on the Third Invid War). They arrive several weeks before the end of Season 7 of Buffy, and in the investigation as to what happen to them, they discover the dimensional weakness in Sunnydale, and after some very covert surveillance, (at the most, Buffy might think someone is watching her, and if they do not meat with her before Faith arrives, she might fell it to, because of their heighten senses, and if Willow tries magic, they will not get very far because the people watching will be able to keep one step ahead) they find out most of what is going on and decide to help. Cyclones vs. vampires, oooo…, the carnage! (Try to work the MDC value of the weapons damage capacity vs. the Vampires and other creatures as real as possible. Just remember, this is not Rifts Earth, so the same rules may not apply the Buffivers.) After the fight, do they decide to say, leave, or leave a group of volunteers behind to help out. You decide.

Pairings: Xander, either have him get back with Anya, or he gets with a female from the SDF-3, either a Praxis or one of the military female human crew, like a military specialist or a veritech pilot; Buffy, with Spike or some human man from the ship; and basically, the same for the rest, either keep them with the person they are with, or have them hock up with someone from the SDF-3, you decide.

No higher then FR15, with a minimal of 6000 words.
Challenge Date12 Jan 06
Last Updated12 Jan 06

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