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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerAlphaBeta
Challenge NameStreet Fighter Buffy!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionA Street Fighter Buffy crossover! Ryu hears about a strong fighter in Sunnydale and he goes to see just how strong this fighter is. He knows that it is a she, but that is all he knows. How will he find her and how will the fight go between a martial artist of Ryu’s caliber and the Slayer? And to make matters worse for Buffy, Bison has heard about her to and sends someone to see how good of a fighter she is, and if good enough, to kidnap her and bring her to him so he can brain wash her to his side. And for Buffy to survive the encounter, she will have to team up with Ryu! Must have a fight between Ryu and Buffy, with Ryu winning (it can be close, but he still wins). He does not know about vampires and demons until he sees them in Sunnydale and fights them(ki attacks do affect vampires and demons, you decide how much, but it does affect them, example for vampires of the effect of ki, worse then being shot, they do feel the pain of that, to holy water/fire, like I said, you decide), you decide how that happens. Bison knows about what goes bump in the night, so you could have him sent supernatal creatures after her when he finds out who she is. You can also have some of the people who like to follow Ryu show up if you want. And lastly, have a big fight in the end with the gang, Buffy, Ryu, and if you have any of his friends come by, them to, and the people Bison sends. Takes place after almost right after Riley left. Then after the battle with Bison’s men, poor Ryu gets sucked into the business with Glory! How will the encounters with Glory differ, and will the out come in the end be different! You decide! No higher the FR15. 6000-10,000 words minimum.
Challenge Date17 Jan 06
Last Updated17 Jan 06

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