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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)jedibuttercup
Challenge NameLove Letters from the Multiverse
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > General
DescriptionBased on Stargate SG-1 epsiode 9.13, "Ripple Effect".

Here's the background:

Several alternate versions of SG-1 ended up temporarily stranded at our SGC due to a situation affecting our Stargate. While there, the members of our SG-1 talk to several of the teams. (Most of them are virtually identical to our Season 9 cast, as they are from the very nearmost alternate realities in the multiverse-- this means there are no *significant* deviations from our timeline, though some details/individuals do vary. I won't mention anything else about the plot, as this is a new episode and I'd hate to spoil anyone who hasn't seen it, but that point is important to remember).

The challenge is this:

One (or more) of the members of one (or more) of the alternate SG-1 teams is involved with a regular cast member from Angel or Buffy. After hearing their counterpart(s) wax poetic about the(se) significant other(s), our SG-1 member(s) decide to investigate the(se) person(s) in our reality, to see whether there's any possibility of romance developing here as well.

Use your imagination! Bonus points for (not required):

* Buffy/Daniel or Buffy/Mitchell
* Faith/Mitchell or Faith/Teal'c
* Fred/anyone
* One of the alternate Daniels actually having married Vala, and our Daniel's reaction to this news
* The alternate Sams having a wide variety of husbands/boyfriends (some of whom are previous interests of our Sam who perished or left for one reason or another) and our Sam's reaction to their news
* A gaggle of Teal'cs holding an entire conversation primarily through minute shifts of facial expression and one-word commentary
* Blue jello
* A happy ending
Challenge Date23 Jan 06
Last Updated10 Jan 10

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