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Challenge IssuerEricJablow
Challenge NameBuffy, Champion
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Fantasy
DescriptionIt's the middle of Season 2; Buffy's 17th birthday is a month away, and she starts having strange nightmares. She dreams of, among other things, a tall man with a magical gem where his eye should have been, soldiers with lances shooting fire, and sailing ships floating through the air. Most frightening are the dreams she has of a tall albino with a black sword shouting, "Blood and souls! Blood and souls for my Lord Arioch!"

Yes, Buffy is an aspect of the Eternal Champion from Michael Moorcock's tales of the multiverse, and she's dreaming of Corum, Hawkmoon, Erekose, Elric, and all the rest. What happens as she is inducted into her true destiny? What happens to Giles, Xander, and Willow, her Companions? Actually, Jenny would be the best choice for Companion; she has the right initials. Note that being a Companion to the Eternal Champion isn't the safest of professions. And, what happens as her love affair with Angel reaches consummation? Perhaps the battle at the end of "Becoming, Part 2" can involve Stormbringer, Mournblade, or even both.

Finally, the Hawkmoon books ended up with the Cosmic Balance, the Runestaff, the Black Jewel, and Erekose's Black Sword all destroyed, and humanity living on without cosmic authority governing it. You can extend the concept and kill off the true villains of BtVS, the Powers That Be.
Challenge Date2 Mar 06
Last Updated17 Jan 10

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