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Challenge Issuerjustaguy
Challenge NameZiva the Potential – BtVS/NCIS
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS
DescriptionZiva the Potential – BtVS/NCIS

It occurred to me that Ziva is a really bad driver. Bad in almost exactly the same way that Buffy is a bad driver. That got me wondering how she could have gotten so bad. I’m guessing it’s because she is a Potential.


BtVS: Towards the end of season seven

NCIS: Season three

Ziva is attacked by Bringers at her home. She manages to escape (she is Mossad trained). As she is about to report the attack to Gibbs she is attacked again. The NCIS team then tries to figure out what’s happening and why someone/something is trying to kill Ziva.


At the beginning of the story neither Ziva nor the NCIS team (with one possible exception noted below) knows anything about Slayers, the Council or the supernatural. They should initially think the attack is retaliation against Ziva or the team.

After they start to suspect what’s happening, Dinozzo gives Ziva a roundup of supernatural lore gleamed from his love of movies (most of it obviously wrong in the Buffyverse).

Abby should be very skeptical of the supernatural (her Goth act is just that, an ACT. She doesn’t believe in the supernatural she just enjoys the trappings, the look and the attitude). Remember at her core Abby is a scientist.

McGee finding the Demons, Demons, Demons website but thinking it’s a joke.

Have the First taunt members of NCIS in the guise of Kate, Ziva’s father and victims from their past cases. Most of them should probably think they are hallucinating or even going insane because of the visions. Remember they don’t know about the supernatural or what’s going on, they have no experience with the First.

Ziva becoming a Slayer when Sunnydale goes bye-bye but still not knowing what’s happening too her.


Ducky having some past connection to the Council or the supernatural. This connection should be indirect only (he knows about/believes in vamps and demons) but his only contact went boom with the Council’s headquarters. If you go with this don’t have it become an easy out with Ducky giving the Slayer speech and making everybody believe demons are real. He can know a little bit but not become a fount of knowledge and most of the team should be skeptical of what he says, at least at first.


Gibbs and/or Shepard getting files from the Initiative that explain everything. The Initiative was an Army not Navy program and was classified up the wazzoo. Definitely above their pay grade at least. The point of the story is keep the NCIS people off balance and forced to adapt to a situation they don’t fully understand.

Ziva and the gang going to Sunnydale before the collapse. They shouldn’t learn about what’s really happening until sometime after Ziva becomes a Slayer (they can put together the coincidence of Ziva changing the same time a town in California goes boom).
Challenge Date8 May 06
Last Updated16 Jan 10

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