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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)Shieldage
Challenge Name"TV Series? DVDs? Can we follow you home and collect royalties?"
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionBuffy and Angel are hit shows in several dimensions and someone famous has (for instance) just received the Complete 7 Seasons of Buffy DVD box set for their birthday. Something happens and they wake up in either Sunnydale or L. A., either possessing one of the onscreen characters, or their body double in that dimension.

Ideally, this should happen just before some turning point in the series and the import has to decide whether to deviate from the plot of the show using his 'future' (and 'past') knowledge or to try and keep things running smoothly despite embarrassment and tragedy. If the import 'comes out' how are the Scoobies going to react... and if he or she decides to try and blend in and masquerade as whoever is possessed, and that person is one of the Scoobies, is there any chance of it being pulled off successfully?

Meanwhile, is the possessed person's soul in Limbo, or in the other dimension, running around in the import's body? Focus on them if you want to :) Another question is, does the import have a fictional counterpart in that dimension? You could even just create your own random fan and drop him into the mix, but remember: Unless he's, say, a vampire when he's at home, that's not going to count as a crossover.

As this site does not support real-person fics- read the rules- the Cast and Crew of the Buffy DVDs, while integral to the show, should best be mentioned indirectly, focusing on the reactions to what the speaker in the know is saying rather than what he is saying. There is a gray area- read the rules- but name-drop at your own risk.

Short Variation on the Theme: Before the breakup, Anya gave Xander Seasons 1-4 of Smallville for his birthday, an extremely awesome gift considering she used her Magic Box contacts to import them from five years in the future. Immediately after Entropy, Xander does something wrong and wakes up in Clark's body, where he does not exactly have 'future' knowledge, but he does have years of DC/Marvel history stored in his brain... and superpowers. Clark (who is more of an Angel fan, but his mother followed Buffy religiously) wakes up in Season 6 Sunnydale with a choice:
Does he try to pass his behavior off as post Anya/Spike jitters, or try and convince everybody that Xander has been possessed by Superman?

Ideally: No transported character should watch more than 2 or 3 hours of his or her own show/comic/book/whatever, unless they are displaced lonnng-term/permanently; it could do violently weird things to their ego.

If the import does decide to come out wholesale, please have some conversation with the Scoobies (chair and ropes optional) about things in the order of:
The twin of Xander's main actor has filled in for him
Movie roles pre and post Buffy
Spike is an American actor, which is why he loses his accent when he sings
Angel's 5 season show ended the season after Buffy went off the air
Both theme songs
The series creator is doing an awesome job with an established comic book series
Vamp Willow's final dusting.
Grrr Argh!

Buffy's missing day with Angel, if revealed to her, would more than likely cause great short-term harm, so keep that fact in mind, okay?

Might also be interesting if the import is sexually attracted to the possessed: Buffy (grumpy): "Until we get this thing straightened out, you do NOT see yourself naked." ... Maybe (this would probably work best if the possessed is the import's off-screen body double) the import runs off and joins the geeks, or is possessing a villain to begin with.

NOTE: For a similiar, but non-body-switching crossover, try Challenge 620 by matthew.
Challenge Date3 Jul 06
Last Updated3 Nov 13

Challenge Responses

Lex Luthor wakes up in the late sixth season of a TV show he likes, but he's in the body of Warren Mears. Covers 'Seeing Red' and the Smallville Season 5 Finale Arc (Fade/Oracle/Vessel)
Only the author can add chapters to this story Smallville > Other BtVS/AtS Characters • (Current Donor)Shieldage • FR15 • Chapters [8] • Words [20,558] • Recs [0] • Reviews [14] • Hits [5,163] • Published [20 Jun 06] • Updated [10 Jul 06] • Completed [Yes]