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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)Shieldage
Challenge NameA 22-Ton Armadillo
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy > Shadowrun
DescriptionThe Juggernaut of Shadowrun RPG is a vicious and huge 'Awakened' beast. It is natural expression/unlocking of the common armadillo (D. novemcinctus)'s innate magical/genetic potential, so it could either arrive in the Buffyverse through a dimensional portal or arise from armadillos exposed to magical fields.. in much the same way as the original stock.

Two of the many possibilities:
Riley/Wilderness Areas

You could have Riley's South American commando team be called back the United States (hopefully a desert region) to take out one (or a colony) of these blighters, and, if you want, have Buffy and crew be called in to consult. Immense swath of destruction, the juggernauts have been on the loose for awhile.


Andrew decides that he needs a familiar and tries to enchant a peaceable creature like a baby armadillo to be his friend. When things go wrong the juggernaut explodes out of either his hideout in Mexico, the basement
of the Trio, or even the Summers' home. :)

Mix and match or surprise me ;)

Over at the Sixth World Wiki they have a picture and a short article on Shadowrun RPG's largest mutant armadillo:

To quote, without permission and with corrected spelling (please go and check out the picture):
"Dasypus praegrandis
The Juggernaut is an awakened cousin of the mundane armadillo, it is physically a match for the common armadillo, however at a much grander scale. Measuring at more than 14 meters from head to tail, the creature is far larger than metahumans and, although it has no teeth like its mundane cousin, it does have serrated bony ridges in upper and lower jaws, allowing for the rending of anything it eats.

Being an omnivore in the truest sense of the word, it eats vegetable, animal and mineral material, making no distinctions or preferences. Due to their size and non-restrictive eating habits, they tend to simply cut swaths of destruction in areas, causing massive damage to areas. Government bounties on the creatures have little effect on the destruction since the creatures are extremely hard to kill.

References: Paranormal Animals of North America, pp 92-93; Critters, p 33"

What follows is my summary of the original article in FASA and Nigel Findley's 'Paranormal Animals of North America':

o Prefers live prey
o It's stored energy allow it to go hours without breathing
o It can't swim, but can walk and feed underwater
o When it can't breathe, it's movements and reactions are slow
o Poor eyesight, but improved hearing and smell
o Motion detection from sensitivity to electric fields

o The insulation provided by its armor plates render it virtually invisible to IR (heat-seeking) scans
o They hunt alone. If two juggernauts meet they will fight to the death, unless one is male and the other a female in heat.
o Random field generators may screw up their electrical sense, 'white noise' type headache, but it's an untested theory.

o Have the power to increase their speed immensely, once a day, lasting between several seconds and several minutes.
o Its aura may cause irrational fear, and it's pretty scary as it is.
o Its armor has been rumored to withstand armor-piercing/tank destroying cluster rounds, at least in volleys of limited duration.
o Resistance, if not outright immunity, to: Heat, Cold, Biological and Chemical Weapons.

o From the size comparison, it looks like a grown man could walk under a standing full-grown one of these and have to stand on tiptoes to touch it's plated belly. Unfortunately it doesn't say outright, nor does it say the weight. Oh, 14 meters means it's about 46 feet long.
o To quote directly: "RANGE: Southern regions of North America, slowly spreading north"


Myself, I see these guys burying themselves in the ground when they rest, making them that much harder to locate (remember their immunity to infrared scans?), but that behavior is optional as it isn't canon. :)

Shoot.... A bull elephant is about 3.4 m in length and 5.4 metric tons in weight, so a 14 m elephant might be 22 tons, and this guy has armor plating...

Companion topic over at

To quote an awesome post by 'Austere Emancipator' :

"Nine-banded armadillo:
Total length 365-1056mm, weight 1-10kg

Giant armadillo:
Total length 1250-1500mm, weight 18.7-32.3kg

Six-banded armadillo:
Total length 520-736mm, weight 3.2-6.5kg

Northern naked-tailed armadillo:
Total length 390-690mm, weight 2-3.5kg

Theoretically, as you increase the length (and thus height and width, too) of an animal while retaining the same tissue properties, weight increases by a factor of (length increase multiplier)^3. The average weight of the above armadillo species scaled to 1 meter total length (head, body and tail) is 17.7kg, with little enough variance to make this a valid model (15.3 to 19.6, or something). Scaled up to 14 meters, that'd be an average of 48.6 metric tonnes (~107 thousand pounds)."

EDIT: If he's right and an adult is nearly 50 tons I could see them spending a lot of time trying to kill the 22-ton armadillo in the title and then finding out it was just a baby ;)
Challenge Date15 Jul 06
Last Updated10 Jan 10

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