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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerCladdagh
Challenge NameQueen of Slayers
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander
DescriptionThis will be a Buffy/Highlander crossover. Immediately Post Chosen.
The premise: As Buffy is leaping from rooftop to rooftop, she leaps to the roof of the bus, only to land on the sand on the other side of the crater. Waiting for her is Whistler, who explains that since Willow's spell worked through Buffy, she is now Immortal, and the Queen of the Slayers. As Queen, she can give the slayer power to someone, and also take it away from those who abuse it. (Hello, Kennedy!!)

As Buffy is now Immortal, Whistler is sending her to the Power's favorite and most trusted Immortals for training; Duncan, as he is the best swordsman (and a boyscout); and Methos, as he is the best for survival, enduring time, and hiding in plain sight.


Per Whistler, Buffy can not tell the Scoobies that she is alive. (They think she died in the Hellmouth.) After their multiple betrayals, and complete lack of any apologies, this does not bother her at all.

Buffy does put her foot down, and demands that she be allowed to contact Dawn. (Dawn is actually on her sister's side now.) Dawn decides to stay with the Scoobies to train to be a watcher, but she keeps in touch with Buffy, and does NOT tell her sister's secrets.

A rash of slayers whose powers have been taken away causes the Scoobies to begin research on how it could happen; Dawn sabotages their research to protect her sister.

A Buffy/Methos pairing.

The Scoobies actually discovering what has happened, and demand that Buffy return and take care of them. Buffy and Methos tell them off in no uncertain terms.

Possibly Include:

Amanda and Nick (Nick loves that he is not the newbie Immortal anymore.)

Joe Dawson and Giles going head to head about who Buffy's watcher really is.

Someone smacking Willow. (Can you tell I hated her after season 6?)

Kennedy getting an "I am the best" attitude and Faith taking her down a few pegs.

Anya coming back as a Vengeance Demon again, and is also firmly on Buffy's side.

This has been in my head since Chosen, and if someone could write it, I would really, really love it.

Challenge Date11 Jul 06
Last Updated22 Jun 07

Challenge Responses

The spell to activate the Potentials changes Buffy. She is now Immortal and is also the Queen of the Slayer line. This puts her in the company of a band of Immortal heroes and their Watcher.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Highlander > Buffy-Centered • (Current Donor)mmooch • FR13 • Chapters [17] • Words [33,290] • Recs [19] • Reviews [295] • Hits [96,430] • Published [11 Jul 09] • Updated [1 Sep 12] • Completed [No]