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Challenge IssuerCladdagh
Challenge NameBuffy, Spike, Dawn and the Highlander gang.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander
DescriptionThis is a Buffy/Highlander/Highlander the Raven crossover.
Here is the premise:
After Buffy jumped into the portal, she fell, only she was alive when she hit the ground. She went into a coma. After several weeks, the Scoobies got tired of caring for her and put her into a facility in another state. They told everyone she died, including Dawn, as they thought that Buffy would not wake up, and they wanted themselves and Dawn to move on in their lives. (The main purpose was they were tired of being the responsible ones for a change. They wanted someone to take care of them, they didn't want to have to take care of anyone. So, they just dumped Buffy there and went on with their lives, completely forgetting her.)

Almost a year later, Buffy wakes up. When the doctor was examining her, he stated that he could not wait to call her next of kin to tell them, as everyone thought she would never wake up. Buffy told him not to call her family, she would just wait for their next visit. The doctor was hesitant to tell her that, since she was admitted, she NEVER had visitors, and her family never called either. Buffy, being extremely hurt and VERY TICKED OFF, told the doctor not to call them, and if by some miracle they called to check on her, to tell them her status has not changed.

After a great deal of thought, Buffy decided that if they could abandon her like this, they were obviously not worth having in her life anymore. She thought about who she wanted in her new life (there was no way she is going back to the hellmouth, it's Faith's turn now), and decided that Spike and Dawn were the ones she wanted with her.

She called Willy's Bar in Sunnydale, and found out that everyone was told she was dead, and decided to stay that way. She arranged with Willy a way to speak to Spike. After speaking to Spike (and convincing him she was alive) they made a plan.
--- Spike would find a way to tell Dawn without the others finding out. Dawn would wait for Buffy to be fully physically rehabilitated, then she would take all of the financial papers, the deed to the house, Joyce's life insurance, the precious things they could not be without, and go with Spike to pick up Buffy.
----- Buffy, Spike and Dawn would have a touching reunion and decide to get a new life in a new place. Buffy put the house up for sale with a real estate agent, and has the real estate agent evict the people living in the house, (Roughly, I hope.) so the new owners can move in.
The Scoobies then realize Buffy is awake, and knows about their actions. After hoping that Buffy will come back and take care of them, it hits them hard when they realize she is not coming back, and Dawn is with her and knows about their betrayal also.
------- Willow wants to do a locator spell to bring them back, but Tara finally grows a backbone and stops Willow, convincing her to leave them alone.
------They go to Paris, where Buffy gets a job at Joe's Blues Bar, and they meet the Highlander gang, including Amanda and Nick. After seeing what Buffy can do, Nick convinces her to go into the protection and security business with him.
-------In my world, Richie is not dead, and he and Dawn fall hard for each other.
-------Spike and Amanda become fast friends, and drive Nick crazy with some of their jobs.
-------This could be a Buffy/Spike pairing, or just a best friendship, that is up to the author.
-------Spike and Joe argue constantly about what constitutes "Good" music.
-------Adam and Spike know each other from a previous time that neither of them like to talk about, but they are friends.
-------Duncan and Buffy become friends as well, but if there is more than that, it is up to the author.
-------At least once someone from Sunnydale comes to Paris, trying to talk Buffy into coming back and protecting the hellmouth again. Duty, duty, blah, blah. Buffy quickly tells them what bridge to jump off.
-------A happy ending!

Someone please take this! It is whirling around in my head and driving me crazy.
Thank you!
Challenge Date28 Jul 06
Last Updated22 Jun 07

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