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Challenge IssuerJess
Challenge NameXander's Test Tube Brother
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Kyle XY
DescriptionOkay I've been forced to watch ABC Family channel recently and got this plot bunny from a TV show made by this station. And since they don't REALLY know where the lead character came from I thought this would be fun but I can't write it myself since I am working on a few challenge responses myself.

The Challenge: Xander's Test Tube Brother
Crossover: Kyle XY/Buffy
Plot: Kyle is the test tube baby brother of Xander. You can explain how this is possible in anyway you want. But Xander must meet Kyle after he starts high school but before he starts to remember. Yes this makes the story AU but then again most crossovers are! LOL! This is post Season 7 of Buffy so keep it in mind when you write. Xander must stay with Kyle and help him learn about being human which pulls on Xander's previous humanizing of Anya without the sex of course.

Things that I think Xander should teach Kyle:

Dating and/or talking to women
How to be the funny man
Body language
How to eat a Twinkie

Lines that I think would be funny said by either character some how:

"Things to remember when talking to the female... Always smile at girls you like or look good to you... and NEVER insult Orlando Bloom in front of them. Even if he IS a girly looking man."

"My brother seemed to have an answer to everything but no real knowledge of anything others thought important."

Other little things I thought to introduce to Kyle through Xander but doesn't have to be in the story:

Jolt cola, Star Trek, and the supernatural (Which most times is a give in).
Challenge Date31 Jul 06
Last Updated8 Feb 10

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