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Challenge IssuerTrace
Challenge NameCan I Keep It? (BtVS/Anita Blake)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionThis evil little plot bunny was spawned by the 'Mommy Anita' challenge from littleoldme.

How would the Scoobies react to a pint-sized Executioner? A Mini-Master of St. Louis? An itsy Ulfric?

Pick one, or more, Anitaverse characters, throw them into the Buffyverse, and watch panic (and chaos) ensue!


1) Must take place no earlier than the beginning of season 7 BtVS, and no earlier than Cerulean Sins for Anita Blake.

2) If Anita or Jean-Claude is your chosen Anitaverse character, the ardeur must be nullified, 'cuz yikes. (Explain it however you like, whether it's because they're not at puberty yet, and don't have the requisite hormones, or whatever.)

3) If the Triumvirate exists, most of their power must be inaccessible for some reason. Otherwise, the United States would be leveled upon the first temper-tantrum, and...well, it'd be a really short story.

4) Please do not write as a parody. A good dose of comedy is fine, but bashing, or otherwise making either genre look stupid/silly is not.

[OPTIONAL]--> PICK 2 (or more) of the following:

1) An Anitaverse character is caught sharpening/cleaning a weapon of some kind.

2) An Anitaverse character throws the temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums.

3) Child Protective Services tries to take custody of an Anitaverse character.

4) An Anitaverse character exhibits 'puppy love' for one of the Buffyverse characters.

5) Someone tries to kill one of the Anitaverse characters. (This could either be because they know who they are, and are trying to exploit a potential weakness, or because they believe the mini-Anitaverse character to be a well-hidden child of their adult counterpart.)

6) One of the Buffyverse characters attempts to find the Anitaverse character's parents. (This could be VERY interesting if it were Jean-Claude's parents they were searching for.)

7) Edward somehow finds out about the 'misplaced' Anitaverse character.

**Note-I just realized that littleoldme has a very similar challenge to this one, created prior to mine. So...I'm adding more optional terms to make them as different as possible.
Challenge Date15 Aug 06
Last Updated15 Aug 06

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