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Challenge IssuerBugeyedmonster
Challenge NameVanished Pre-Slayer
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Without a Trace
DescriptionThis would be a crossover with "Without a Trace" and post season 7. Some years back in New York a young girl (YG) vanishes. Her age at time of disappearance and the circumstances will be up to you. Was she an endangered runaway? Or was she kidnapped and never returned back to her family? Or perhaps she was kidnapped and later ran away from her kidnappers.

Anyway, Young Girl (YG) later becomes a Slayer. She is taken in by the new Slayers and Watchers Council and trained. Where is she trained? In England or does the Council have a place in New York? Where ever her training takes place, most of the action of this story must take place in New York.

One day while patrolling (perhaps with some other mini-slayers or Watchers) YG comes across either a normal mugging or attack or a vampire whom just bit the victim. Either she beats up the bad guy. If it's a mugger/rapist she breaks a few bones. If it's a vamp, she chases the vamp away from the victim.

The police come by and take statement from the victim and fingerprints from the scene.

At the Missing Persons Unit, Special Agent Vivian Johnson is running information/ evidence from past cases through the system. She gets a hit on the fingerprints from a recent attempted mugging. YG's missing file is re-opened and the WaT team attempt to track down her current whereabouts. Of course they find her.

What is YG doing? Is she living with her Watcher or another Slayer? Was she originally kidnapped? A runaway? A throwaway? How you answer that last question will guide the story. If she was kidnapped the WaT team would want to return her to her family. If she was a runaway or throwaway, and she's over 18, they might let her stay at her current residence. But what if she's under 18? The New Council probably would rather not lose her to the foster system. Whom would be her new foster parent/family?

Imagine if they try to question her Watcher. How might the interview between YG's Watcher and the FBI go if her Watcher is Xander? Imagine Jack Malone interviewing Xander! What if her Watcher is Gunn?

The Feds will also question those around YG or whom they think had contact with YG. Imagine an interview between Faith and Martin! (You know her sex 24-7 attitude is going to make him nervous.) Imagine an interview between Faith and Danny Taylor. How might questioning between Faith and Jack Malone go? Imagine if any of the WaT team interview Illyria/Fred. Think on how a questioning session with Angel, Spike, Giles, Buffy, Dawn, Willow or Xander might go. Imagine the WaT team's reactions to Xander and Angel being left in the same room together! Imagine Jack Malone's reaction to babbling!Willow, especially if she's hyped up on caffeine. Or any of the others' reaction to hyper babbling Willow, for that matter.

Bonus points for no info-dumps.

The path this story takes is up to you. All I ask for is a happy ending.

Have fun!
Challenge Date20 Aug 06
Last Updated8 Feb 10

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