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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)GACTsevil
Challenge NameTriumverate
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake
DescriptionA triumverate is formed in Sunnydale which has to involve Xander and Oz. The vampire should be either Angel or Angelus, Spike or Drusilla. You can make up your own reason why exactly it would happen, but after the triumverate is formed (and Buffy is kept from killing them) the vampire should take them to St. Louis to show off to Jean Clause, and to rub it in his face. The vampire (of your choice) knows that vampires like Jean Claude think they are better than the demonic vampire of Buffyverse.
It can take place at any time in the Buffyverse, but after Incubus Dreams (Anita Blake).
*Slash is greatly encouraged.
*Should be rated above 13.

Xander has to be completely repulsed by his situation in the beginning. He should fight and use his great sarcasism as much as possible. Xander (like Anita) should gain some type of power which will scare his friends. Meanwhile Oz should be calm about it, acting like a balance between the vampire and Xander. Like with Anita, memories should be exchanged, giving the vampire a reason to protect the other two. When going to St. Louis Oz and Jason should bond immediately, while Richard gives Oz a hard time (even though Oz is very powerful). Xander and Anita should bond, after fighting a bit.

If using Drusilla:
**She has to call Xander 'kitten' and Oz 'puppy' at various times.
**She should use this new advantage against Spike and Angel. As if she is moving up in the world and doesn’t need them anymore.
**When entering St. Louis she should take them to Circus of the Damned, where Jean Claude finds them.

If Spike:
**It should be before "Buffy whipped Spike" that way it's revenge against Buffy.
**Use the quote: She hurt me; well this is going to hurt a whole lot more.
**He should have known Jean Claude from the past and be in St. Louis to piss him off.

If Angel:
**Angel’s in mortal danger and to save his life he attaches himself to them.
**If using slash, he should flirt with Xander a lot to piss him off.

If Angelus:
**Should after the “Killed by death” hospital scene, Xander pissed off Angelus, so again it’s a revenge thing.
**Oz walks in on Angelus making Xander his human servant and instead we get a triumvirate.
**Whether Angel or Angelus he should take them to Guilty Pleasure to seek out Jean Claude.

(I know I gave a lot of choices, but it's an idea that has bugged me for a while.)
Challenge Date26 Aug 06
Last Updated7 Jul 08

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