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Challenge IssuerBugeyedmonster
Challenge NameSecond Dearest Enemy
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Magnificent Seven, The
DescriptionThis is a crossover between the Magnificent Seven ATF universe (where the Seven are members of the ATF as team 7) though you can also use another AU version of the Mag7 so long as it's modern-day. It should take place in the Buffy-verse after the end of the TV series.

This came to me in a dream... but I don’t remember the entire dream.

Chris Larabee is in a bar in Vegas stinking drunk. Buffy isn’t drunk (Buffy and beer are non-mix-y things) but she still hooks up with Chris. They go back to Buffy’s hotel room. (No they don’t wake up married.) Anyway, they are “getting it on” when at, well, “that” moment, Chris calls out Sarah’s name. He’s stone cold sober as soon as he realizes what he said. Buffy starts to tease him about his significant other, not knowing Sarah is dead. Chris is feeling like he’s betrayed Sarah somehow. Buffy realizes that he’s really upset and grieving, and she starts telling him about friends she’s lost. For some reason, Chris opens up to Buffy.


Buffy calls Chris about a month and a half later. She wants to know if they can meet in a café. Chris meets her. She’s got something she has to tell him. Guess what?! Yes, she’s preggers. At her announcement, Chris is all quiet. He runs his hand through his hair. Buffy’s waiting for Chris to say something. Chris doesn’t say anything instead he gets up and flees the scene.

Buffy’s stunned and blinking. She sniffles and then says to her stomach, “That’s okay. We don’t need him anyway.”

And another snippet that must be in the fic...

Faith decides that since Chris made Buffy cry, she’s going to go beat him up. I just remember a little snippet of this. She’s surrounded by the other 6 members, all of whom are pointing their guns at her. Chris is stepping back or getting up, he’s got the beginning of a black eye, and he is wiping blood from his mouth. Faith cornered him in an alley and started fighting with him. She denies that Buffy is her friend and refers to Buffy as her “second dearest enemy.” Faith has no qualms in stating to team 7 that she’s mad at Chris for making her “second dearest enemy” cry.

And yes, team 7 does find out that Faith Lehane is an ex-con with a murder rap.

The other members also found out about Buffy and her pregnancy. Chris admits that he left her because he was scared s***less that Buffy and the kid would end up like Sarah and Adam. Of course team 7 (and Judge Travis) have to give Chris a piece of their mind. Or in Judge Travis’s case, a stern talking to.

Bonus points...

If you include a bit at the dinner table, where Buffy and Faith are heckling each other. The Mag 7 team are looking a bit weirded out by the insults the girls are given each other. Chris is getting defensive due to some really rude nasty insults that Faith gives Buffy. At one point Buffy laughs and tells Chris to “take a chill pill” which causes JD or Buck spit their drink across the table.

If Xander and Willow also show up, (after the previous bit with Judge Travis.) Willow made contact with Judge Travis, who is very happy to see her and he greets her warmly because he's heard how Willow helps the FBI with finding occult-themed serial killers.

Xander gives Chris the death-by-bludgeoning-with-a-shovel threat. Willow gives Chris the threat that she’ll turn him into a rat, and feed him to her cat. At which point Xander and Willow get into a fuss over if that’s a good threat, so Willow then changes her threat to she’ll remove the flesh from his bones, before death. Either all or part of team 7 hears Willow’s first threat, and the subsequent fuss and change to a new threat.

Anyway, that’s all I remember of my dream. I’ve got no idea how this ended. Or if and/or how Chris might find out about Buffy’s Slayer-ness.

Faith is definitely in this, and there is a little bit of friendship between her and Buffy, much bickering, much trust and respect on both sides. Hence the title.

Anyway... if someone wants to play with this...



I decided to add something...

Extra bonus points if you have Ella Gaines rise up and try to hurt Buffy. Of course, Faith is hangin' with her "not friend" Buffy, and together they open a can of "whoop" on the a**es of the bad guys. Must have line "You'd better go before we open a can of whoop on your ass!"

Of course, team 7 comes by, after all the bad guys are either very injured or tied up, or hanging upside down from trees and roofs. Buffy and Faith don't want to be examined by Nathan. Faith attempts to take off limping as fast as she can. Buffy gets into a "silly slap-fight" with Nathan.

How is Chris reacting? Who talks Faith down and gets her to submit to being doctor-ed?


Yes, the title is a small reference to Lois McMaster Bujold. But I still haven't figured out who is Faith's first dearest enemy. In my dream I did hear Faith refer to Buffy as her "second dearest enemy."

Challenge Date7 Oct 06
Last Updated8 Feb 10

Challenge Responses

Chris Larabee is a man still hurting from the brutal murders of his wife and son. Buffy Summers is in desperate need of a vacation. Mix to the two together and what do you angry sister Slayer. Buffy/M7ATF X-Over.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Television > Magnificent Seven, The • heartsarewild • FR18 • Chapters [4] • Words [5,475] • Recs [2] • Reviews [44] • Hits [7,107] • Published [13 Oct 06] • Updated [29 Oct 06] • Completed [No]