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Challenge Issuer(Current Donor)softly
Challenge NameHave Faith In St. Louis
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake > Faith-Centered
DescriptionRecently, while simply browsing, I have found a sad lack of Faith fics in the Anita Blake category. Hopefully, someone might feel inspired by this, and help to rectify the situation. :)

Challenge (of any length):

Faith is on the run. Who/where she is running from, and to whom/where to, is up to you. (Perhaps her general depressions and feelings of lack of belonging? Maybe she's gotten into a fight thats made her lose control and its scared her silly) While making her journey, Faith stumbles into a portal, which, obviously, takes her to Anita's world.

Everything is different in St. Louis, and Faith is very much lost. There's an unknown bad hiding in the corners of this new world, and it is not a coincidence that Faith has so conveniently appeared. It doesn't need to be a complex mystery. (Perhaps the most cliche crossover, no? maybe you can spice things up a bit, theres a reason I don't write these things :p )


1, be Faith centric.

2, A crossover with Anita Blake.

3, Have badassness.

Unnecessary Happy Bonuses:

1, A Faith/Asher pairing

2, Faith dealing with trust/commitment issues.

3, Post Season 7

4, Leather pants.

5, Raunchy humour! ;)
Challenge Date1 Dec 06
Last Updated5 Apr 10

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