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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issueraussiemel
Challenge NameWillow Real Father
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television
Descriptionthere have been plenty of fics where buffy and xander find their real parents so why not willow.

1- Willow is still in high school when she first finds out, wheather she does anything about it is up to you.
2- the family finds out about her involvement in wicca
3- I'd prefer someone from stargate to be her father but any show will be fine
4- the father knows nothing about her
5- the story takes place mostly in the other universe.

The rest is up to you have fun
Challenge Date11 Jan 07
Last Updated10 Feb 10

Challenge Responses

Following their successful efforts to prevent Acathla from being activated, the Scoobies discover that none of them are really who they think they are, and that malign forces have interfered with all of their lives in efforts to deny them their legacies.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: Real Family • Greywizard • FR18 • Chapters [5] • Words [17,999] • Recs [4] • Reviews [90] • Hits [16,126] • Published [1 Aug 14] • Updated [27 Aug 14] • Completed [No]