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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)dreamfall
Challenge NameDiagnosing Cordy
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionCordelia and her brother, Dr. Robert Chase have never been close. But when he hears that she's in Los Angeles in an unexplained coma, he can't let it go. Who better to find out what's happening with her than his boss, Gregory House?

This obviously has to take place after Peace Out, the last episode of Angel's fourth season, and before her You're Welcome (Angel 5.12).

I'm fairly open to what you do with it. I'd prefer that the doctors not already be aware of the supernatural, but if it makes your story better to have one or more of them know, go for it. They can wind up saving her, or she can include them in her final goodbyes, or she could purely be a way to link the House and Angel casts and herself never actually wake up at all, or something else altogether. The docs can wind up working more with the supernatural... or not. I've got no interest in pairings for this, but, again, if you want 'em, go for it.

Have fun!
Challenge Date14 Jan 07
Last Updated14 Jan 07

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