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Challenge Issuerpezgirl
Challenge NameWillow, Spike and the Stargate
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate
Descriptionseason 7 for Buffy
season 5 for Stargate- before Daniel dies and before they meet Jonas Quinn

During the season 7 finale of Buffy instead of Spike's amulet's sun rays missing Willow some hit her
and her magic tried to repel some of the fatal beams and accidentally rebounded back onto Spike as another ray came her way- the sun rays, old amulet magic and Willow's white magic (which was a lot more power after the Scythe spell) crashed into each other forcefully, both energies fought and canceled each other out and consequently teleporting Willow and Spike to the 'Gate room in another reality where the supernatural doesn't exist- but Aliens do!
Meanwhile at the 'Gate room people cover their eyes as a brilliant flash of sunny, hot light filled the room and disappeared to reveal a man and a young woman who looked no older than 22.

Pairing: Willow/Spike or Willow/Daniel

Must Have:

Spike being turned human
the NID trying to take Willow and maybe Spike
Spike smoking in the Infirmary and getting scolded by Janet for it
Willow almost getting captured by the NID and making them pay for it
Sam and Willow bonding over techno-babble and giving Jack a headache
Willow's magic getting stronger because of the spell- and having trouble controlling it.
Spike and Daniel talking about being dead but still being around at the same time.
Jack finding that he and Willow are as stubborn as each other.
Teal'c, Spike and Willow talking about their dark pasts and redemption
Willow and Spike going offworld with SG1.

Must Not Have:

Willow immediately solving the SGC's problems
Willow being a Goddess
Challenge Date21 Jan 07
Last Updated2 Mar 07

Challenge Responses

Response to Challenge #2124 - At the end of "Chosen", Willow tries to save Spike - with unexpected results...
Only the author can add chapters to this story Stargate > Willow-Centered • Alyssara • FR15 • Chapters [20] • Words [25,749] • Recs [8] • Reviews [219] • Hits [82,568] • Published [24 Jan 07] • Updated [18 Jan 08] • Completed [No]