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Challenge Issuermagicangel
Challenge NameBuffy/Chamred 'What IF Xander did Magic' Story!!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Charmed
DescriptionThis challenge is for a Buffy/Charmed crossover and the what if part is this: What if Xander had been the one who had done the soul restoring spell on Angel in "Becoming Part2" at the end of season 2 and was the one who had gone through Ms. Calender's things, looking through the spells? I'd prefer a slash story maybe with Angel, but preferably with Spike. If slash isn't your thing then I'd like to see him with Tara!
You can cross in the Charmed bit however you want but a suggestion is that Xander is a relative of the Charmed ones. Maybe a cousin or something?
This story doesn't really have to start at the end of the second season. You can start it anywhere in the Buffy time line, just with Xander getting his magic on and Willow being mostly the research one or not there at all if that works better for the story concept.
This is my first challenge so bare with me people! Thanks All!!
Challenge Date11 Feb 07
Last Updated28 Mar 07

Challenge Responses

Response to magicangel's "What if Xander Did Magic" challenge. Xander was the one to cast the curse that gave Angel his soul, and now it's up to him to give the Slayer magical support. Xander/Tara, later X/T/F.
Only the author can add chapters to this story Charmed > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other • Nomma • FR18 • Chapters [13] • Words [73,432] • Recs [22] • Reviews [186] • Hits [96,434] • Published [13 Jan 09] • Updated [17 Feb 09] • Completed [Yes]