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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerfreaky
Challenge NameCharming Slayer
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Charmed
DescriptionAfter the destruction of the Hellmouth the Slayers and gang head to Cleveland to set up the main office of the new Watchers Council. Buffy decides she can’t quite forgive the Scoobies for the whole chucking her out thing (I’m still bitter about that myself), anyway, she and Faith decide that Faith will be in charge of the mini Slayers and Buffy will go and guard over San Francisco.

While there she meets up with the Charmed Ones, the originals, Prue, Piper and Phoebe (If you can fit it in, bring Paige into the story, I do like her I just like Prue better). Some how, up to you, the Charmed Ones and Buffy team up to guard over San Francisco, they can fight and bicker, but they must stay a team.

I must insist that Buffy pairs up with one of the Charmed Ones, I would love it if it was with Prue, but if you can’t do it chose one of the others. So yes this is a fem slash.

I’ll also say that this is to have little to even no Scooby Gang content. I just want Buffy with the Charmed Ones, if they do come in, I’d rather it be minimal.

Another thing I would really, really like in this story is if Buffy can learn to use magic the Charmed Ones way. That’s not to say that I want her to stop being the Slayer, but I’d like to see the struggle of the integration of magic into the Slayer.
Challenge Date13 Mar 07
Last Updated13 Mar 07

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