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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)FireDragon
Challenge NameFireDragons: Interstellar Slayer Challenge.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Smallville
DescriptionBuffy X Smallville crossover. Pick up in Season 5 after Arrival (episode 1) and go AU from there. Chloe knows about Clark and the Fortress of Solitude. Buffy pick up after the Initiative. No Glory and no Dawn. Buffy is the Slayer but her Krypton powers were diminished until the time is right for them to emerge. Pretend the time frames match up.

Clark wasn’t the only child sent from Krypton. Buffy and Clark were betrothed from their birth. Her parents were best friends with Clark’s parents. Jor’el has been trying to direct Clark to Buffy. But because of his past with his father, and just because he doesn’t want to be controlled, Clark refuses even though he has never met Buffy.

Now that his powers are gone he tries to get together with Lana but is scorned.

Meanwhile Buffy and her friends have taken down ADAM. The enjoining spell woke her powers and she found the ship and discovered her true heritage. Buffy afraid of harming her friends while she learns to control her powers decides to go on a trip and see the country. Faith or (Kendra if you rather) takes over the Hellmouth. When she is leaving the Council asks her to look into reports they are getting about a little town called Smallville they are worried that another Hellmouth may be being created.

You can have Buffy and Clark meet several ways:

1: Clark goes to Metropolis to get over Lana and meets Buffy dancing at a club.

2. She can have car trouble and Clark can save her.

3. Clark tries to save someone from vampires even though he doesn’t have his powers. Buffy saves him.

I would like Clark to fall in love with Buffy before he finds out about her being his betrothed.

*Buffy should not just tell him everything. She would be cautious about what she tells people and would try to keep her secrets, secret.

**It seems like Lex always wants what Clark has or is interested. So once he has Lana and Clark is interested in Buffy I would like to see Lex make a move on Buffy.

Clark must eventually get his powers back, but it is up to you if it is from him dying and being brought back or something else. You do not have to kill Clark’s father to balance the balance.

Smallville and or Metropolis must be getting a mini hellmouth and Buffy is assigned there.

You can bring in Zod or other big bad’s but please no Dawn.

I would love to see Spike follow Buffy to try and win her heart. I would like this to end up Buffy Clark and Spike Chloe. Or Buffy Spike and Clark Chloe. Your choice. Please only HET pairings.
Challenge Date20 Mar 07
Last Updated20 Mar 07

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