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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)phoenixqueen
Challenge NameEver Increasing Numb3rs
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Numb3rs > General
DescriptionI have noticed that there are very few challenges and stories for the TV Show Numb3rs. So, given that I love that show, but don't have time to work on this particular bunny, I thought I'd post this and hope someone adopts it.

This is a challenge for Numb3rs/Angel

Set after Season 5 of Angel (all the gang survived except Wesley - unless you really, really want him there, then you can say Illyria saved him before the death blow, or the wound wasn't as mortal as she first thought - Wesley's had his throat slashed after all!)

After the destruction of Wolfram and Hart by the Fang Gang, there was a brief investigation into the mysterious collapse of the building by the F.B.I. especially after the panic of 9/11. With ever more pressing cases, however, the case was set aside and forgotten.

At least a year has passed since the destruction of Wolfram and Hart. The vampire and demon population has gone way down and Angel and Co. are working alongside the new Watcher's Council in order to keep their bills paid and food (and blood) in their mouths, occasionally dusting a vamp or taking out a troublesome demon. The team has moved back into the Hyperion.

A rash of high-profile murders has drawn the attention of the F.B.I. and the case has landed on the desk of one Don Eppes. The one thing that all the cases have in common is excessive blood loss and puncture wounds on the side of the neck. Don and the team (including Charlie) go to work.

Requirements for the story:

1) No SLASH unless it is canon, but with an Angel/Numb3rs crossover there shouldn't be any. This is mandatory.

2) Either Don, Charlie, or Alan must be attacked by a vampire and saved by Angel and the team. (Preferably Charlie or Alan - neither of them ever seem to get hurt, Don's been shot several times.)

3) Requisite banter/insults from Spike and Angel. Angel should get in some really good insults. (I'm not really a Spike fan, although I did like him better in "Angel" than I did in "Buffy".) Bonus points for really, really good insults/banter.

4) Larry has returned from his space adventure and has gotten together with Megan. (Can't remember if they were engaged or not, if they weren't they have gotten engaged, if they were, they are about to get married.) Charlie should also still be trying to get together with Amita.

5) Any Buffy characters must make cameo appearances only. (A phone call, quick visit, something of that nature.)

6) Angel is NOT with Nina the werewolf.

7) Either Angel or Spike (or both) should be shot by Don or Colby because they think they're criminals and the vamps should get pissed off.

8) Don's team (and Charlie) should discover the supernatural world and need the help of the Fang Gang to solve this case.

Bonus Points if You Include the Following Conversation between Angel and Charlie:

"According to the laws of probability, the odds of you really being a vampire would be 1 in - "

Angel growled. "You want to know the mathematical probability of me restraining the urge to hurt you if you don't shut up?"
Challenge Date11 Jun 07
Last Updated16 Jan 10

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