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Challenge Issuer(Past Donor)renatria
Challenge NameDawn's father is in trouble now
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionOkay, we've all seen the "real father" challenges.

We know that Dawn was made from Buffy, but she's obviously not a clone. Since there has to be other genetic material, there must be another parent. However, since Buffy is the mother, Dawn would have been "born" in around '86, so Buffy would have been around five years old. For the record, the youngest mother on record is also five years old (email me, I'll send you a link)

This of course lends itself well to police show type crossovers.

1.) DNA testing has repercussions. A police department or other official agency which tests Dawn (for whatever reason) and finds that Buffy, not Joyce, is the mother, is going to quite naturally jump to ugly conclusions about things going on in the Summers house years ago.

2.) Thanks to the monks, all documents, such as birth certificate, and hospital records show Dawn's parents as being Joyce and Hank Summers.

3.) I encourage you to go for "impossible" other parents, whether crossover or not. Jon O'Neill (assuming you can create a difference between him and Jack) and Xander Harris wouldn't have hit puberty yet. Giles wasn't in the country. The mayor (just because I'm perverse) or even a woman.

4.) Have the investigating authority exhaust "real" options first- cults, medical experimentation, even if the Buffy we know (or knew if its post the Gift) was somehow a clone of herself, explaining the age difference.

5.) Misinterpretation of Buffy's history as being evidence for sexual abuse, since she was institutionalized at one point, and apparently kills herself in "the Gift"

I'd love to see Hank dragged into it as well, since he would also get dragged into the investigation since he must have helped cover the crime up :)
Challenge Date18 Jun 07
Last Updated18 Jun 07

Challenge Responses

Dawn Summers' parentage is called into question, and the people investigating the situation are not all pleased with what they've learned.
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