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Challenge IssuerLucinda
Challenge NameWillow Grey
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > X-Men > Willow-Centered
DescriptionIn the X-Men comics, a villain named Nathaniel Essex (also called Mr. Sinister) created a clone of Jean Grey. This clone (Madelyn Pryor) was grown to adulthood very rapidly, implanted with false memories, and placed where she would bump into Scott after Jean's death (right before the Phoenix saga). Madelyn Pryor (the clone) later developed telepathic and telekinetic abilities similar to Jean's.

The point? What if Madelyn wasn't the only clone that Sinister produced? What if there was an earlier clone (or clones) that had to mature at the normal human speed? And, while Sinister is patient, he doesn't deal well with children, so this clone or clones would have most likely been adopted - enabling someone else to raise the child, and most likely taking the cloned child far from the original (Jean Grey grew up in New York state).

What if this clone was Willow? After all, her earliest efforts with magic were telekinetics and the soul restoration, which by Marvel/X-Men standards could be explained by powerful telepathy. If Willow was a clone of Jean, Willow and her developing mutant abilities would register on the Cerebro unit at Xavier's school - and probably with either the same or a very similar pattern as Jean. How would people react to either Jean's signature reading on the west coast, or Jean's signature after the events of X2?

How would everyone react to discovering a younger Jean? Someone who looks like Jean, probably smells like Jean, but isn't Jean? Someone who might not be in a relationship, depending on what time the story is set. Someone who needs to learn control, and might be reluctant to accept the whole mutant thing?

If this is wholly based on the movies, how would the X-Men react to demons and vampires?

If there's comic influence or setting, how would the X-Men react to another clone?

Either way, how would Willow react to the discovery that everything she thought she knew about her heritage was a lie?

How would her friends react to the whole mutant entanglement, and the clone story? Would they believe it?

time frame: any time after season 2 BtVS, when Willow discovered her abilities.

pairings: entirely optional, feel free to throw in any pairing EXCEPT Willow/Jean (which would be just way icky if Willow's a clone of Jean!)
Challenge Date7 Jun 04
Last Updated27 Jan 10

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