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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerRocksandGlass
Challenge Name"He slept with my mother."
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category CSI
DescriptionWhen Catherine Willows discovered that Sam Braun was her father, she gained two half-brothers. What if she also gained two half-sisters?
As well as sleeping with Catherine’s mother, Sam managed to sleep with Joyce Summers a couple of times, leaving her pregnant with first Buffy then later Dawn. Much as Catherine grew up not knowing that Sam was her father, the Summers girls always thought that Hank was their father; though they may or may not have ever met Sam. (To make it more reasonable, Hank could be impotent so that is isn’t so weird that neither of his daughters are his biologically).

Ways this could work:
- Buffy and Dawn are included in Sam’s will, Catherine gets curious and gets in contact with them. They then travel to Vegas to meet her and Lindsay.
- Joyce leaves a letter for Buffy and Dawn after her death detailing their paternity and they go to see Sam(sometime after Buffy comes back to life). Preferably they arrive to find Sam dead and meet Catherine instead.
-Buffy and Dawn receive an inheritance from Sam, in the process learning that he is their father. From this point they could bump into Catherine at the funeral or when they go to collect their inheritance or at the reading of the will. Alternatively they could actively seek out their new half-sister.

Any of those could work, or maybe you can think of something better. If you want to follow the time line without altering it, Catherine discovers her paternity in 2003, Joyce dies in 2001 and Sam dies in 2006, Chosen happens in 2003. With an unaltered time line, Catherine is at least 21 years older than Buffy. The story could be written that way, but I think the characters would relate better if they are closer in age (maybe Buffy about the same age as some of the younger CSIs but older than Greg), though Catherine should remain the eldest of the sisters. Lindsey should at least be mentioned in passing and, quite obviously, Dawn should feature heavily.

Most of the story should be set in Las Vegas with Buffy and Dawn being only two from their group in Vegas.
Pairings are up to you and are not necessary. All characters should have their canon orientation (not that which is perceived, but that which is actively shown). The more of the backgrounds that you keep canon the better.
Challenge Date16 Aug 07
Last Updated16 Aug 07

Challenge Responses

When a Slayer comes to Vegas to deal with a vampire problem, Catherine discovers she isn't Sam Braun's only daughter. Post season 7 for BtVS, season 4 of CSI.
Only the author can add chapters to this story CSI > CSI Las Vegas • grundy • FR13 • Chapters [17] • Words [45,688] • Recs [36] • Reviews [318] • Hits [137,342] • Published [12 Jul 08] • Updated [20 Sep 11] • Completed [Yes]