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Challenge IssuerLynZ
Challenge NameNo Es Bueno- This Isn't Good
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Cartoons > Simpsons, The
DescriptionRemember when Andrew and Jonathon went to Mexico? Well write a fic where they meet the Bumblebee Man, from the Simpsons. It can be any length or rating.

They can be in an English-speaking part of Mexico if you don't know how to speak Spanish.

-Andrew or Jonathon must be enjoying Mexican music, a little too much.
-Andrew or Jonathon must think that the Bumblebee man is his idol.
-Andrew must fall in love (not romantically) with the Bumblebee's pet chihuahua.
-Items that must be involved somehow: broken bottle; clock that is five minutes fast; car that doesn't reverse (The items don't have to be used. These can just be seen.)

Extra Points if all three of them try to make the world's largest taco.

I know that this challenge sounds crazy or stupid or very difficult. I just wanted to see if anyone can do it. Good luck. You'll need it.
Challenge Date8 Jun 04
Last Updated13 Feb 10

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