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Challenge Issuerspaceman
Challenge NameUnderworld Homicide.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category CSI
DescriptionTime: Post-Season 3 or Season 7
Xander Centric
CSI Crossover - Any or ALL CSIs
Pairing: Xander x Hetero

The media is going crazy with brutal murders committed by a child ritual killer. Dozens of children under the age of 10 have been cut to pieces and the blood used to draw symbols on the walls

Unknown to the "normal" world, there have also been murders in demon community. The same number of demons have been killed and there blood used to create mirror symbols.

One CSI group are called to the scene of another murdered child and also find a badly injured, amnesiac Xander Harris. They first think him a suspect especially carrying a bloody ritual knife. That's until the wounds prove he was defending the girl against an attacker. "Mr. Harris may have seen the killer's face."

Also, the DNA on the knife is not a match to any of the victims, but the unidentified hair found in one little girl's blood soaked hand. A strange DNA sample.

The CSI investigate Xander's history, while Xander tries to understand fragments of memory that seem to come from a horror show. Vampires. Demons. Butt-kicking Blonds with Stakes.

The case begins to reveal itself as they follow Xander's memories and instincts. The military-style training making the cops more than a little disturbed.

Xander MUST kill a Vampire in the morgue saving the shocked Medical Examiner (Coroner). It would be interesting how he explains a cadaver gets up at the beginning of an autopsy and crumbles to dust after a pencil pierces it's heart.

MUST include
"Does it always stink this much?" "Not always" "Good" "Sometimes It's just toxic."
"Do they always turn to dust??" "Sometimes they turn into Ooze,"
"Wh.what the heck??" "Never doubt the Twinkie."

You MAY use this Possible Ending
The killer is revealed, a half-demon, and Xander kills him using the ritual knife he stole from evidence. The demon features fade away leaving a human corpse for the cops.

Words: Over 5000 Words is Good. Over 10000 is Great Over 100,000 is an ACT OF GOD!
Info: en. wikipedia. org / wiki /
Challenge Date6 Sep 07
Last Updated6 Sep 07

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