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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerBugeyedmonster
Challenge NameRachel Seybolt, Slayer.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Life
DescriptionThis is a crossover with "Life." Post-Chosen.

I keep thinking on poor Rachel Seybolt. Her family murdered in front of her, her 'uncle' falsely imprisoned for several years for the crime. In the police report, she was listed as being at a sleep-over, when she had actually been in the house and seen the killer. Then she was adopted by another family, and was probably told for years that she wasn't at the house, she was at a sleepover. Poor girl would have been a bit of a mess, imagine having the idea that you can't trust your own mind!

She's called as a Slayer, so now she's seeing demons and vampires. She was already journeying down the dark path for a while, a little like a young Faith. She becomes so troublesome that when the New Council comes to invite her to their school, her new parents sign her over to the custody of the school with a sigh of relief.

Luckily, Faith helps Rachel and straightens her out. The counselors at the school encourage Rachel to write in a journal about what happened to her family.

Now the present... Rachel has decided to go back to L.A. She is with Faith in a bank when a robbery goes down. They do their best, in front of others, to appear normal. They do manage to take down the bank robbers and free the hostages. (Is this the oldest plot or what?)

Now the Feds and the local police come to the scene. Of course they get to see an ex-con and a young woman take down the robbers. When the police start interviewing the hostages, Rachel sees Charlie Crews and tosses herself at him with a cry of "Uncle Charlie!"

Now that she can compare notes with uncle Charlie, Rachel manages to talk the terms of the settlement out of Charlie. What if one of the terms is that he's not to investigate the crime for which he was framed? But Rachel tells Faith and Willow about this little tidbit. She doesn't want Charlie to lose everything, so she wants to investigate the crime. So who else helps her?

Well... I just keep seeing the perpetrator of the cover-up facing the wrath of a new Council that actually cares about their slayers. Imagine Xander, Faith, Willow and Rachel's friends descending on the one behind framing Charlie Crews.

Bonus points if you put Xander and Willow as the ones helping Rachel.

Must have as many scenes as possible of Rachel stopping by Charlie's precinct and doing stuff. From bring Charlie lunch to trying out one of Dawn's coffee recipes at the precinct to bugging Charlie to loan her his car.

Extra brownie points for the coffee thing- Rachel goes by the precinct, and makes brown sugar cinnamon coffee in the coffee maker. She brings Uncle Charlie a cup. The other cops start sniffing the air. Rachel brightly tells everyone that she made coffee. (Good coffee might make more of the police like her. LOL!)

Must have little scene of Rachel stopping by Charlie's ex-wife's house to 'bug' her old aunt.

You may do this challenge as drabble, ficlets or chapters. What ever suits your fancy!

Have fun!
Challenge Date21 Oct 07
Last Updated8 Feb 10

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