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Challenge IssuerDreamOfStories
Challenge NameScoobies get the Stargate
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Stargate > General > General: SG-1
DescriptionSince joining the site I have found two stories that talk about what would happen if somehow the Scoobies were put in charge of the SGC. As neither of them is finished and I think it is a really good idea, I would like someone to write one.

A few rules:

1) No bashing of any cannon characters that aren’t bad guys (or at least who haven't done anything to deserve it).
2) The Stargate is sold because of lack of funds.
3) Buffy has forgiven the others for a) pulling her back from heaven and b) kicking her out at the end of season 7 BUT they still feel guilty.
4) Should take place between seasons 1 and 6 of Stargate: SG1
5) Either the big fight in LA didn’t happen or Spike isn’t with the AI team anymore.

So those are the rules and here are some ideas (ignore them if you like) just to get you started:

- The Tok’ra meeting them in one of the first three meetings and NOT being impressed.
- Jack accusing them of being kids (in front of them or in a explosion when they’re getting a tour or something)
- Teal’c getting his ass whooped by a slayer
- An emergency in the first meeting
- Kinsey getting kicked out by a Scooby when he tries to stick his nose in
- The president doesn’t tell the NID and they only find out when they try to interefere and get sorted out Scooby style
- Interviews where a witch looks at their aura
- Willow turns someone blue or into a rat when they offend her
- Jack and Xander debate video-games after SG1 have got over the shock of who the new bosses are
- The interview techniques include a truth spell and the SGC people wonder why they are asked stupid questions (like what is your favourite colour to check the spell is working)
- Buffy or Faith test the soldiers skills
- The SGC people aren’t told why the Scoobies are qualified to deal with the Stargate - and find out later as the scoobies think they know
- Daniel’s people go for a three day crash course at a council headquarters
- SGC personal get taken in groups to various graveyards for orienteering
- They get rid of the regs because they think they are 'stupid' (Jack and Carter…)

Anyway… hope you have fun writing this!
Challenge Date21 Oct 07
Last Updated18 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

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