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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Challenge Details

Challenge Issuerfiregoddess
Challenge NameStrip Poker Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category --Not Specified--
DescriptionThe Scooby Gang and their friends from the Harry Potter Universe play a friendly game....

Must include the lines:
~"Lose the boxers," she smirked.
~"My my. What nice equipment you have Mr. Potter." *and not in the most obvious way*
~"No, not that one. The other one!"

Must also include:
~Nudity *duh!*
~Someone drunk
~Hogwarts: A History

And for extra points:
~A strategically placed tattoo
~An orgasm
~Jello Shooters

Please remember to rate your fics accordingly.
Challenge Date17 Jun 04
Last Updated17 Jun 04

Challenge Responses

No one has responded to this challenge.