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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuernsahdmdto
Challenge NameSplit Personalities Cordelia Challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Cordelia-Centered
DescriptionAfter the events of Angel season four, the PTB give Cordelia a choice: she can accept a new mission, or she can die. Not really wanting to do the whole dead thing, she accepts the new mission, but there's a catch: She can't have her body. She has to share a body with someone of the Powers' choosing--a male someone.


1-her new "host" can not know (at least not at first). He simply begins acting very out of character at times.
2-her host can either be someone from the Buffyverse who is put into a crossover situation, or a crossover character.
3-when and if she gets her body back is up to the author, as is her new mission. Is she simply a seer for a new champion? Was she sent to change something in his life (or past if you wanna do the time travel thing)?

Ideally, this would be a comedy with the possibility of a romantic pairing. It was inspired by Jinni's "When I Woke Up" fics. Also, additional credit goes to the Steve Martin movie "All of Me" (I think that's the title). Lots of potential crossings. I'd particularly love to see HP (can you imagine what she'd do to Snape's hair?) and Anita Blake (what happens when Richard finds himself haivng warm fuzzy thoughts about Jean-Claude which are actually Cordelia's opinions?).
Challenge Date18 Jun 04
Last Updated25 Jan 10

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