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Challenge IssuerSithicus
Challenge NameSoul Swapping Halloween
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionI have seen every Halloween Fanfic under the sun involving Costume changes where one of the cast gets a brand new ability or personality, many of them can be quite amusing or even fun, but I want to see something never attempted before.

Instead of a simple Halloween Fanfic where the Buffy or heck even Angel Character gains the abilities of the costume I want to see the personality of the Costume come alive, steal the resident BtVS/AtS characters' life and send the soul of their new body into their world.

Example: I started writing this one up a few months back, but I refuse to post it until I have a clear cut plan in mind.

Xander dressed up as Cobra Commander from GI Joe, the Commander performed a ceremony sealing his soul in Alexanders' body and sent Xander's soul to live as the infamous Terrorist leader.

Get creative, get crazy, don't just turn the BtVS/AtS character into their respective costumes.

Requirements for the story include the following...

1) Giles is witness to the aftermath of the ceremony, the costume that was being worn is in the back of Ethan's shop cut into three parts surrounding the bust of Janus. But Giles doesn't realize what it is until the character, unless it is Giles if you're really feeling crazy, is found missing/doing something completely out of character. If Giles is the character involved in the swap then it is ok to have either one of the other Scoobies discover it when they go back to Ethan's the next morning or heck involve Jenny Calendar if you want.

2) If a villain is involved, character death is permissible in fact I encourage it. Also, they should team up with Spike and Dru and kill Angel before he can unleash Acathla as Angelus.

3) The Mayor should make an appearance at least once unless the Fic tells the entire story without involving Season Three or any hints of what is to come in said season.

4) The Scoobies DO NOT go into the other universe/reality/dimension where their friends Soul is. Instead the misplaced Scooby must either find his own way back by invoking a spell/Janus/whoever. Or failing that he/she must embrace becoming that character completely.

5) All Fandoms are fair game, but try to avoid the same old, same old cliche cross overs. Try for something totally unique, I'd love to see at least one person try to cross over with... Oh I don't know, Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears or something.

Well that's about all I can think of as far as what I'd like to see, as first challenges go I hope it's not something someone has tried before. Maybe I should have checked first, oh well. I encourage all comers do what you can, if I inspire you with this then great, if I never get a Challenge Response. Them's the breaks.
Challenge Date13 Dec 07
Last Updated18 Jan 10

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