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Challenge IssuerSithicus
Challenge NameHoney Whedon Forgot the Adults
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Other BtVS/AtS Characters
DescriptionEveryone writes Fanfics featuring Buffy, Faith, Willow, Xander, Giles, Joyce heck even Illyria and Andrew get a few, but I don't think I have ever found a story told where either Xander's Parents, Buffy's Father or Willow's never seen parents are the main protagonists.

So I hereby issue a challenge, write a fic let or a drabble or a fanfic of epic proportions where the parents serve as primary protagonists.

What I'd like to see.

Tony & Jessica Harris Must Haves:

1) Tony played a High Stakes Poker game in his younger days with the creep from Angel who was stealing people's Destinies. In his youth and without Lorne he had to rely on less obvious methods as he built up his funds to build the Casino in Las Vegas, so those who had their Destinies stolen did not in fact wind up trapped in a perpetual loop of gambling zombiedom, but instead received curses ala The Famous Harris Luck.

2) The story should be set Post Chosen and Cordelia's final appearance on Angel so that both Cordy and Anya can come down as Guardian Angels or the like and restore Tony and Jessica with their pilfered destinies.

3) Tony & Jessica can become Super Heroes, Treasure Seeking Adventurists, Anime inspired Characters or whatever else you can dream of as long as they realize their newfound full potential.

4) Both parents must attempt to reconcile with Xander, I want angst, I want drama, I want hatred even possibly full blown fisticuffs between Tony and Giles or even Buffy if he became someone like The Hulk or something. But by the stories end Xander has come to terms with his parent issues and can finally have a happy marriage with some new girlfriend or heck even Faith, Buffy or if you want some Slash pairing as long as the Fic is super great I'll waive my customary unease when it comes to Slash pairings. (The whole point for Cordy's and Anya's doing this in the first place should be because they want Xander to have a happy family life with future Wife/Husband maybe even go so far as to have kids/adopt.)

Ira & Sheila Rosenberg Must Haves:

1) A plausible explanation for why they were never home, not something neglectful or anything I'd rather read that they were secretly agents for the FBI, CIA or heck even MI6, if the latter involve James Bond as part of the crossover if you please.

2) Willow needs to discuss her sexuality with her mother and possibly father at some point in the story.

3) The whole Psychiatrist thing, a Cover for what they really do. Whatever that may be.

4) Having never spent any time with their daughter both parents need to be a little aloof at the start as they attempt the dreaded Reconciliation. Discovering about Magic and the Slayer is optional. True Fanfic masters can create the best stories without always needing to do the whole Hi, I'm Buffy and I'm the Vampire Slayer spiel... At least when it involves a story of this nature.

5) Either Ira or Sheila should be injured at some point during the story, also Tara should be mentioned. And lastly if you want you can totally bash Kennedy.

Hank Summers Must Haves'

1) Animosity between Hank and Giles.

2) A better reason then "Ran off with Secretary to Rome or somewhere remote." for his absence during Season Five and the beginning of Six.

3) Questioning why he was notified of Buffy's death when in fact she's still alive.

4) No Hank Summers bashing, he's not a bad person or the lowest scum of the Earth even lower then a Vampire due to the reason in Number 2 he's simply a bad father.

5) A visit to the new location of Joyce's grave would be nice, since you know Buffy would have done something so her mother wouldn't be totally forgotten.

6) Hank Summers IS NOT related to Scott Summers via any distant blood relations or even direct blood relations, if you have to make it a cross over with X-Men simply make a throwaway line where somebody comments on the last name thing and then move on. Seriously I am so tired of Scott and Buffy being related in some way, shape or form.

7) Hank does not have a new Wife/Girlfriend/Sex Partner, he loved Joyce, but when he couldn't work it out he resolved to remain a bachelor because his work is too dangerous... Depending on what kind of crossover it is.

8) I need not stress this enough, DEATH THREATS are permitted once and only once afterwards start the reconciliation process and move on. I do not need to see how graphic you can become in your attempts to explain the many ways Buffy would like to see Hank die.

9) Hank appeared in the first Episode of Season Two, there has to be a story there as to why he was nice enough to continue being a Good Dad up until Season Five. I have a feeling his running away with his secretary may be in fact Canon from the series... But then again I could be wrong, we never saw it happen on screen and obviously Buffy and the others would be bias since he kind of disappeared. So yeah, what's the deal?

10) This goes for all three. Do your best to portray these characters with a modicum of realism, they weren't always the drunks or the neglectful parents we saw on the show because hey... Hellmouth, not leaving infant/toddler Willow/Xander alone to get munched by Vampires. I started writing the opening scene for my own take on Tony and Jessica Harris, if you're interested and don't know exactly where to start off then I'd be happy to lend it out as inspiration.

I have no idea if Whedon has parent issues or if he just likes writing characters with Parent Issues, but I'd love to see some of the wonderfully creative and talented people here attempt to create some healing vibes for the characters. The Hellmouth has chewed them out and spit them back out for seven years so hey let's see if without one under their feet constantly for a change their lives couldn't turn around.

All fandoms welcome, all writers welcome, give it your all and do your best. May the Force be With You... Or something equally inspiring here.
Challenge Date15 Dec 07
Last Updated18 Jan 10

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