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Challenge IssuerSithicus
Challenge NameShe's Truly, Truly Outrageous, truly, truly, truly outrageous.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Cartoons > Other Cartoons
DescriptionOk, here's a crazy idea for a Cross Over.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Meets Jem and the Holograms.

What I'd really like to see is a story where one of the Buffy characters winds up falling in with the band and working at Starlight Mansion as a tutor/repairman/all around assistant.

I'd prefer it to be either Tara, Xander, Amy or heck even Spike to make it Truly Outrageous. LOL

Things I'd really like to see also include the following:

1) Jerrica/Jem marries long time Boyfriend Rio.

2) One of the Misfits is turned and for some reason is forcibly en souled. (Just a totally crazy Idea I had.)

3) If Tara is involved, develop a relationship between her and one of the Holograms, preferably Kimber because she's a Red Head too.

4) Pizzazz or Roxy was once one of the Dreadnoks from GI Joe fame, have a news broadcast where Cobra that Ruthless Terrorist Organization is mentioned and said Misfit suffers bad flashbacks.

5) Hasbro/Sunbow did their best to cross over their cartoons when it came to Jem, GI Joe and the Transformers. Include a cameo of either a GI Joe character, one of the Autobots or even a Decepticon. For this to work you'll probably need to be familiar with all three shows.

6) Jem and the Holograms hold a benefit concert at some point during the story and it is nearly ruined by Demonic interference.

7) The Stingers make a comeback after having flopped in previous years.

8) One of the Starlight Girls becomes a Potential turned Slayer, personal favorites for the honor would be Ba Nee, Krissie, Ashely, Terri or Nancy. (If you don't know which is which it's ok, they weren't really named all the time... I have the DVDs and a partial series bible because of it with information on the age ranges of all the Starlight Girls and their ethnicity if it isn't available online somewhere.)

9) Whatever Buffy character chosen must make a joke about the fact that everything is called Starlight something, Starlight Mansion, Starlight Music, Starlight Drive-In, Starlight Girls, Etcetera.

10) At least three official songs must be featured during the entirety of the tale, and one of them should include the original Theme song performed by the Starlight Girls' band. (Yes they have a band too, they're practicing to become just like the Holograms.)

11) Jem/Jerrica's secret is discovered because Synergy is damaged and the Scooby/Buffy character involved has some trick that helps to repair her.

12) Techrat's ambiguity when it comes to his/her sexual status must be mentioned once by the Buffy character. Although officially a guy Techrat always was a little fruity/shy a few marbles.

13) In conjunction with number twelve, Techrat should quit Eric Raymonds' schemes and come to work for Starlight Music.

14) Eric Raymond should be caught embezzling at least once and fired/reprimanded.

15) Howard Sands and his movie studio should express interest in making a Muffy the Vampire Slayer Feature Film or Fluffy, Bunny, Duffy. You get the idea.

16) Make Synergy's holograms a combination of magic specifically Glamours and Technology.

17) Tara can still have died, but maybe the Powers that Be sent her to the Jem and the Holograms universe, this requirement ignores much of the others mentioned consider it an AU of sorts where Jem and the Holograms the cartoon was followed religiously by Tara and the Starlight Girls watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer almost every day.

18) The Rockin' Roadster needs to be commented on at least once when it comes to the name. Also make reference to the other stable of Jem Automobiles.

19) Roxy's illiteracy is no longer as pronounced, but when she stumbles upon a Demon Reference book in a little out of the way shop the Buffy character involved relieves her of it post haste even if she can't read the writing exactly.

20) Xander if chosen should have his usual luck with women, Stormer, Kimber and Pizzazz should all want to date him, Pizzazz purely for the sex appeal alone the other two for genuine interest. If you want to make a polygamous scene with Xander and two or all three women involved in this tangled mess... Well you'd better be darn good at writing sex scenes. LOL

21) If not the main character Spike should and must cameo at least once and he should encounter both Techrat and Riot of the Stingers, Techrat should know him from his childhood some trauma or other explaining his unusual fascination with machines, Riot should mistake him for Billy Idol and even when corrected continue to call him Billy Idol wanting to do a Session with him at one of their concerts.

22) The fact that most of Starlight Mansion is pink should cause no end of discomfort for the primary male Protagonist chosen, if one of the female Protagonists is chosen they can like it a little, but should at least be uneasy with all the love of Pink Jerrica seems to have.

23) If none of these suggestions are followed I won't be disappointed provided the story is still laugh out loud funny and makes an effort to be totally unique. IE Not another Halloween Costume Change thing or Distant Family Relation Discovered deal. Not that I'm against them, but I'd just like to see something different for a change.

I'd better stop now otherwise no one will accept this puppy, anyway good luck to any and all takers I look forward to seeing if you can capture the essence of the old cartoon. Hopefully I'll see at least a little Fic-Let surrounding this idea shortly, heck I might even tackle it myself.
Challenge Date15 Dec 07
Last Updated18 Jan 10

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