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Challenge IssuerwithaPrefix
Challenge NameGreg Sanders, the Honourary Scooby
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category CSI
DescriptionI've noticed a distinct lack of stories wherein Greg Sanders, from CSI, knows someone of the Scooby gang (as long as it's believable, I'm not picky), is related to one of the Gang, has magic, or some sort of connection to the supernatural. He mentioned before about his Nana Olaf and psychic powers, why has so few people expanded upon that? So, I propose this challenge.

Someone write about Greg having some sort of connection to the supernatural, preferably where he's trained in magic, or is part demon, or anything, really. I'd really like some slash, but then a lot of people wouldn't, so it's not mandatory. Greg-centred, obviously. Add whatever character from BTVS or Angel that you'd like, but I cannot stand Buffy, at all, so can she not have a large part of the story? It absolutely MUST NOT be a oneshot. It doesn't have to be epic, but, quite frankly, oneshots are disappointing. You can cross with other fandoms, but please not Anime. I've had it up to here with Anime. Lastly, please make it believable. The only thing worse then bad grammar with a good plot is a bad plot with good grammar.

~TouchoftheWind came up with an example of what could be done with this challenge and asked me if I would add this to my challenge, and as she asked very nicely and I like her ideas very much, I agreed. So, here it is.

Xover with both Buffy and Angel.

In Season One of Angel when Doyle dies he doesn't pass his power on to Cordelia, it goes to one of his relatives, Greg Sanders, who is completely human. Greg already knew about the Supernatural thanks to Doyle and when he receives his first vision gets in contact with Angel. He keeps his abilities a secret knowing that Sight is a rare gift that demons would kill for. Like in the show the visions take their toll on Greg and soon enough he knows he can't keep this secret when he is having more trouble with the visions. Greg also works as a Seer for Buffy and her friends. But when he needs their help all of them come to Vegas (both AI and Scoobies) to help Greg.

The CSI's all treat Greg like family, brother, son etc... They are close to him.

~Otherwise, go wild.

P.S.- Be gentle, please? This has been a longtime plot bunny for me, so I'd appreciate it if this was taken seriously. Also, I am writing my own version of this challenge. Like I said, longtime bunny.
Challenge Date7 Jan 08
Last Updated9 Jul 08

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